This product is made from superior quality cave’s Bird’s Nest steamed with Rock Sugar in the traditional method. No artificial preservatives, flavouring or colouring is added. It also does not contain any stabilisers.

Huiji Nestural Bird’s Nest is one of the few bottled bird’s nest that uses premium bird nest’s strips instead of bird’s nest bits typically found in bottled birds’ nest in the market.

Made from pure superior grade cave bird’s nest (洞燕) which is harvested from the wild caves of East Malaysia where wild swallows enjoy the freshest food nature has to offer and construct their nests. Thus, these birds’ nests also absorb the natural goodness of the swallow’s diet as well as the minerals of the caves where the nests are constructed, ensuring that Nestural Bird’s Nest has one of the highest nutritional contents in the market.

A blind taste test carried out by a market research firm showed that Huiji Nestural Bird’s Nest is a clear favourite. 98% of the participants voted Huiji as no. 1 for its taste and 96% voted for Huiji as no. 1 for smell – many liked the pandan fragrance and the springy bite and smooth texture and taste of the bird’s nest strips.

Buy ready-made Huiji Nestural Bird’s Nest with rock sugar in bottles. It is convenient and serves as a great gift for your loved ones.




Bird’s Nest | Bird’s Nest (Rock Sugar)


Superior Grade Bird’s Nest, Rock Sugar.


USAGE : Best consumed immediately after opening and can be taken cold or hot. If the original seal is not broken, the product has a shelf life of 2 years from date of manufacture without refrigeration.
PACKAGING : Each box of Huiji Nestural Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar contains 6 bottles of 70g each.

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