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Achieving wellbeing has long been one of the primary concerns of human existence. It plays a key role in achieving a good life and with it, lasting happiness.


Lasting happiness! Sounds good, doesn’t it? But as we all know, the journey to personal fulfilment is a confusing one, beset by difficulties and struggles we encounter in life. Being a happy, healthy person is much easier said than done.


But HealthLoco aims to make the journey easier for you. By providing inspiring pieces of advice and quality health tips, we get you that much closer to a long-lasting feeling of inner satisfaction.


True wellbeing is not fleeting. It is associated with balance, understanding, acceptance, and constant growth. In other words, it is not just a state of being but a process. And taking care of your mental and physical self is, inarguably, a determining factor in bolstering your sense of wellbeing.


HealthLoco joins you on this journey to improve your wellbeing, providing health tips that are often backed by studies and fitness gurus. HealthLoco features humorous anecdotes and relatable voices, to remind you that we are all on this journey towards a healthy lifestyle together.


The full responsibility of taking care of one’s health and enjoyment of life lies solely in one’s hands – here, we make this task easier by investigating and critically analysing all that is widely debated in the health and fitness world, making self-care easier for you to do. A busy lifestyle is no excuse to neglect caring for you. With the simplest and most ordinary health and wellness tips, we show that self-care is easy to incorporate into your schedule, however busy. Ultimately, we empower you to take full responsibility for yourself, your health, for the purpose of enjoying life to the fullest.

5 Ways to counter post-vacation blues
After a long year of hard work, you finally find yourself unwinding in front of the fireplace at your cozy Airbnb home, but something is constantly bugging you. You’re worried about the post-vacation withdrawal symptoms you know you’ll definitely experience when your vacation comes to an end. Photo: Odyssey Don’t... Read more
What your face says about your health
Those breakouts happen for a reason. If your skin hasn’t been in its best condition for a long time, your body may be trying to alert you to underlying health issues you may not be aware of. Photo: SlideShare Read on to find out what those annoying blemishes on your... Read more
6 Ways to detox after overindulging during the holidays
Now that the Christmas weekend is over, you start reflecting on all the feasts you’ve indulged in guiltily. By GIPHY If the jolly holidays made you ditch your healthy eating plans and gave you one too many reasons to overindulge in those sugary treats and heavy meals, it’s time for a... Read more
5 Ways to be more positive in 2018
With less than a week left in 2017, it’s time to start packing away the bad memories and emotional baggage you’ve carried with you throughout the year so as to prepare yourself a fresh start in 2018. Photo: The Cusp It’s okay if 2017 did not treat you very well.... Read more
Meow Meow Tweet: Make the switch to natural deodorants now!
In Singapore, we experience sunny weather all year round, allowing us to enjoy outdoor activities and fill our wardrobes with sleeveless tops. However, it’s not so great when a quick stroll to the convenient store nearby gives you sweaty pits. Stuffy public transport may make it worse, especially when... Read more
5 Tips to curb your appetite and lose weight
Even though you may have a solid diet plan all laid out, your weight loss results are not up to your expectations. Maybe it’s because you haven’t been exercising enough to burn off the calories you consumed. Or you may have been unconsciously reaching into bags of chips and bars... Read more
Sunscreens: 5 reasons why you need them and how to use them
Despite the increasing acknowledgment of the necessity of sunscreens, you would be surprised to find that many people still regard sunscreen as an optional product in their daily routine. This is especially true for males, who mostly assumed that they do not need to use sunscreen as they cannot care less... Read more
Skincare tips for a smooth booty
We will be frank, we can’t get enough of this booty talk. I mean, who can resist admiring a firm and smooth booty right? Now that we have covered the workouts for a perky bum, the food to eat for that bouncy ass, and the ultimate booty guide that helps... Read more
Find the best sports bra for you
If you’re heading to the gym to achieve that slimmer body you envisioned for the new year, you need a good outfit to help assist you in your workout. By GIPHY While you can throw on any old t-shirt and shorts, the biggest concern for us, girls, is what... Read more
Types of Vitamins: deficiency and excessive intake
While vitamins don’t act as a source of energy, they are necessary and essential for ensuring the healthy development and optimal functionality of our bodies. Different types of vitamins provide different benefits, such as supporting your immune system and maintaining your bone density. Photo: Healthy Habit University Classified into two... Read more
How to recover from a breakup
In life, many things are inevitable. This includes the ending of a relationship. When a relationship dissolves, it’s normal to feel lost and empty. However, prolonging your stay in the post-breakup period does not do you any good. By GIPHY While you wait patiently for your heart to recover,... Read more
5 types of Insomnia

5 types of Insomnia

Well Being December 18, 2017 0

Have you experienced one too many sleepless nights, and never understood why you just can’t fall asleep? By GIPHY You’re suffering from insomnia, which is a sleep disorder that prevents you from catching up with your sleep debts. There are many causes of insomnia, and by learning about the... Read more