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Achieving wellbeing has long been one of the primary concerns of human existence. It plays a key role in achieving a good life and with it, lasting happiness.


Lasting happiness! Sounds good, doesn’t it? But as we all know, the journey to personal fulfilment is a confusing one, beset by difficulties and struggles we encounter in life. Being a happy, healthy person is much easier said than done.


But HealthLoco aims to make the journey easier for you. By providing inspiring pieces of advice and quality health tips, we get you that much closer to a long-lasting feeling of inner satisfaction.


True wellbeing is not fleeting. It is associated with balance, understanding, acceptance, and constant growth. In other words, it is not just a state of being but a process. And taking care of your mental and physical self is, inarguably, a determining factor in bolstering your sense of wellbeing.


HealthLoco joins you on this journey to improve your wellbeing, providing health tips that are often backed by studies and fitness gurus. HealthLoco features humorous anecdotes and relatable voices, to remind you that we are all on this journey towards a healthy lifestyle together.


The full responsibility of taking care of one’s health and enjoyment of life lies solely in one’s hands – here, we make this task easier by investigating and critically analysing all that is widely debated in the health and fitness world, making self-care easier for you to do. A busy lifestyle is no excuse to neglect caring for you. With the simplest and most ordinary health and wellness tips, we show that self-care is easy to incorporate into your schedule, however busy. Ultimately, we empower you to take full responsibility for yourself, your health, for the purpose of enjoying life to the fullest.

What are the effects of divorce to kids?
Divorce is never an easy process. It is hard for the couple and it is also hard for the kids. Speaking of kids, we have to understand its repercussions. You see, our children also need to adjust to a new environment. They will have to travel back and forth depending... Read more
Laughter is really your best medicine
We often hear that laughter is the best medicine. But is there any truth in that? Or is it just a big fat lie? Well, experts say that laughing can indeed improve one’s health. What exactly did they say? How can laughter help us with our lives? Is laughter... Read more
How being cheated can affect your health
So, you’ve been cheated on and it sucks BIG TIME! But you know what, as cliche as this may sound, getting your heart broken is not just about shedding buckets of tears. It can actually affect your health. If you want to learn more, then go ahead and read... Read more
Everything you need to know about sex addiction
Sexual addiction is a serious condition wherein a person cannot control or manage their sexual behavior. With sex constantly in their heads, it affects their daily lives. Some of them are even having troubles with their work and personal relationships. In some cases, people with a healthy sex life... Read more
How do you improve your sex life?
Apparently, sex life is important and not having a healthy one can affect your life in general. It’s good that there are medications and sex therapists you can run to for severe conditions. But there are also practical ways on how you can improve your sex life. Some of... Read more
What types of meditation are perfect for your health?
What’s scary about stress is that you can’t see it but the effects can be very alarming. You see, when you are always stressed, your body produces the hormone cortisol. Overproduction of this hormone can greatly affect the way you think, the way you feel, and even how your body... Read more
Chronic work stress, why should we give importance?
Stress is actually normal, but if it has become a major part of your life and considered long-lasting, that’s when the danger comes in. In today’s age, a lot of people are getting stressed out with their work. They believe that once they go home, everything will be back... Read more
Everything about e-cigarettes
If you are considering to switch to e-cigarettes, then this post is for you. It is important that you know the pros and cons and weigh if it is worth it. This short article will only take you around three minutes to read. That isn’t so bad, right? Let’s... Read more
7 Important Health Benefits of Quitting Cigarettes
Smoking is among the leading cause of early death which could be avoided if the right actions are put in place. To many, quitting smoking is a doubting task due to strong craving and fear of withdrawal effects. The body has a healing mechanism that adjusts quicker after one... Read more
Abusive women, they exist too!
We have seen and heard a lot of women being abused by men. And yes, it’s a very sad reality. But talking about reality, let us not forget that there are abusive women too. They are equally terrifying and we should be careful as well. But how do we... Read more
Are you dating a narcissist?
Let’s make things clear. Self-confidence is much more different from being a narcissist. So how can you identify if you are dating one? It is important to determine such because constantly spending time with them can take a toll on your health. This post will give you a quick... Read more
The Benefits of Essential Oils
Essential oils have become very popular in the last decade. Many of the essential oils that we have come to love from lavender to tea tree not only smell great, but are said to have many healing qualities. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy practices around the world as... Read more