Effects of watching too much television, what it can do to your health
Watching television for a long period of time isn’t recommended. We always hear this, we always see this, right? And the common reason we all know is that doing so is extremely bad for the eyes. Question is, is that all? Apparently, not. Binge-watching has more serious effects on... Read more
What bad shoes can do to your health
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How to support people suffering from terminal disease
When someone you love or close to you suffer from a terminal disease, it is heart-breaking. The emotional pain that we feel is just tremendous. But would you rather NOT do anything and just wait for your loved ones to leave this planet? That might leave a big room... Read more
How to soundly sleep on a plane
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The benefits of travelling alone
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Signs that technology is taking over our lives
Technology is supposed to be a means to make our lives easier. We should always be in control and not let gadgets control our lives, decisions, and social life. However, over the years, we started to become more dependent on technology. It is a sign that technology is taking... Read more
Top 5 therapeutic holiday destinations in Asia
As the old adage goes: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” What we’re trying to say is – don’t be like Jack. Take some time out of your hectic work schedules, and plan a therapeutic retreat to reward yourself for all the effort you’ve put... Read more
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11 special things you should know about Kansas University, USA
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Top tips and tricks to stay awake on days that you feel so, so tired
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Five ways your hand can act as the best kitchen tool
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