Five ways your hand can act as the best kitchen tool
No kitchen tool? Lazy to wash another piece of kitchen equipment? No problem. As it turns out, one of the most accessible tools you may require in the kitchen has been with you all along: your hand. For many dieters and bodybuilders, portion control is key. Learning all about... Read more
Male qualities women like besides good looks
Are looks the only quality than deemed someone as an attractive person? Not exactly. Science found that there is one certain male quality women likes and finds attractive other than looks. When it comes to attractiveness, physical appearance is what comes up to mind. The first impression of a person... Read more
Lollipop lips is the weirdest makeup trend in 2017
There are numerous makeup trends, but have you ever encountered a trend that makes you go “What?” Well, here is one: “The Lollipop Lips”. It is one of the weirdest beauty trends of the year. This look appeared on models on the latest fashion show runway. A post shared... Read more