Your cat should stay indoors – new research suggests
Last Wednesday, it was confirmed by scientists that your cats will be better and even healthier once they stay indoors. According to them, cats who are allowed to go outside are three times more to get infected with parasites. As for pet owners, it is important to note that... Read more
How to properly take care of your vagina
It’s not really hard to take care of your vagina. However, for some reason, a lot of women do not give much importance on the proper ways to keep it healthy. They usually end up getting an infection and at times it can be painful. This is why we’ve created... Read more
Harassment at work – what you need to know
Harassment is practically everywhere. And while it is a scary thought, we should not live in fear. We should all know what to do when it happens to us. Obviously, we shouldn’t ignore it. Everyone can be a victim regardless of gender, race, and religion.  Unfortunately, harassment at work... Read more
How do you treat fever in adults
While they say that sometimes fever is good because it means that your immune system is working, it is still a bummer to have one. Even if you want to do so many things, your body doesn’t allow you to do so. And with all the responsibilities that we have... Read more
Is homeschooling healthy for your kids?
More parents consider homeschooling their kids for a variety of reasons. For others, this seems to be an odd option and they believe their kids will not hone their full potential. However, studies show that kids who are homeschooled get high marks on standardized tests. Some of them are... Read more
Be social and improve your health
We are all part of a society and it seems we are made to ‘socialize’. But going out and meeting friends is more than just getting drunk and having fun. It has been proven that being social can have its health benefits and this post will tell you why.... Read more
Things you should not say to a pregnant woman
Being a ‘soon-to-be-mom’ is a wonderful thing. Everyone practically celebrates a new life. However, it can also be stressful for a pregnant woman. She’s thinking about a lot of things, from her health to her baby’s condition, and it wouldn’t help if we add to that stress. Being pregnant... Read more
HIV and your teens, why you need to talk about it
Most of the time, talking about HIV to your teens can be challenging. But with the rampant number of cases we have around the globe, you need to do your part as their parent. We understand that it can get uncomfortable talking such topics to your kids. But if you... Read more
Effects of watching too much television, what it can do to your health
Watching television for a long period of time isn’t recommended. We always hear this, we always see this, right? And the common reason we all know is that doing so is extremely bad for the eyes. Question is, is that all? Apparently, not. Binge-watching has more serious effects on... Read more
What bad shoes can do to your health
You might look cool or fabulous with your new shoes, but are you sure that the pair is good for your health? You see, when you have bad shoes (and we don’t mean the color, or the brand), it can take a toll on your health. And this is... Read more
How to support people suffering from terminal disease
When someone you love or close to you suffer from a terminal disease, it is heart-breaking. The emotional pain that we feel is just tremendous. But would you rather NOT do anything and just wait for your loved ones to leave this planet? That might leave a big room... Read more
How to soundly sleep on a plane
If you are to travel, most especially on a long-haul flight, it is very important that you get enough rest. Think about the exhaustion once you land. And let’s not forget about the jet lag. That is why it is recommended that you sleep while on the plane. However,... Read more