Sugary drinks advertisements in Singapore, banned
Singapore will become the first country in the entire globe that will ban advertisements for sugary drinks. This is in relation to their movement to fight the rising rate of diabetes. They are calling for sugary beverages manufacturers to at least reformulate their drinks and decrease their sugar content.... Read more
Dengue cases in the Philippines, now worse
In the Philippines, more cases of dengue are reported every single day. Last July, the Department of Health already declared National Dengue Alert. In just half a year, there were more than 100,000 reported cases of dengue. Last year, there were just around 57,000 cases. How do you detect... Read more
Beware of ‘fitness’ influencers who don’t know how to lose weight safely
If you are looking for a place to get weight loss tips, Instagram might not be the place to search for it – this is according to research. To date, you will notice that a number of influencers claiming to be health and fitness enthusiasts give advice about how... Read more
Millions of women are suffering from heart disease – due to sedentary lifestyle
According to recent studies, more than half of women who are suffering from heart diseases do not have an active lifestyle or do not exercise enough. If you must know, engaging in physical activities helps in managing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Of course, it is also beneficial to... Read more
WHO doctor killed in DR Congo, health workers face danger – Ebola outbreak and more
On April 19, a Cameroonian doctor was killed during an attack at the university hospital in Butembo in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s North Kivu province. He is Dr Richard Valery Mouzoko Kiboung, an epidemiologist working with the World Health Organization. During the attack, two more were injured. Dr... Read more
What happened in Sri Lanka bombing – April 2019
Last Easter Sunday, there was a series of explosions in different parts of Sri Lanka. Almost 300 people were killed and hundreds were injured. The attacks happened in churches and high-end hotels. Eight blasts were reported. Who is responsible for the bombing in Sri Lanka? To date, it is still a... Read more
Losing someone you love can affect your immune system
Did you know that losing a loved one can actually affect your lifespan? For many years, it was observed that when a person loses a partner, it increases the risk of mortality. And just recently, a new paper reviewed the researches done even decades ago relating to bereavement and... Read more
Violence against hospital workers, it’s time to change this
All over the globe, a lot of hospital workers have experienced some form of violence against them. For the longest time, it has been treated as something ‘normal’ in their environment. However, this puts their lives in danger and it’s about time that we do something about it. According... Read more
Suspected cocaine bricks found on the seashore of the Pacific ocean
Last Monday, fishermen have recovered around 40 bricks of suspected cocaine amounting to more or less PHP212 million on the seashore of the Pacific ocean facing Surigao del Norte, Philippines. It was reported that the bricks were found floating two kilometers away from the shoreline. It had ‘3B Bugatti’ markings... Read more
Britney Spears checks into mental health facility
Recently, it was reported that Britney Spears checked into a mental facility as she was suffering from distress. It is believed that the cause is her father’s health. In January, she announced that she will be cancelling all her concerts to spend more time with her family. If you... Read more
Male birth control pills, is it already available?
Just recently, there was a presentation on male birth control pills at the Endocrine Society conference in New Orleans. With that, a lot of people are asking. Is it already out in the market? Can women stop taking birth control pills from now on? What are the symptoms? Where... Read more
WHO Southeast Asia region, 5 years of being polio-free
According to the World Health Organization, March 27  is a memorable day as India, and the rest of the Southeast Asia region will celebrate half a decade of being free from polio. Around 12 years ago, India alone holds 70 percent of the world’s polio cases. And right now,... Read more