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Many people think that a healthy diet cannot be an exciting one. This is a misconception that HealthLoco hopes to correct.


Here, we believe that your diet should not be miserable.


A healthy diet plan that nourishes you can, at the same time, excite your palette. It can consist of flavorful items and numerous options. By no means does it have to be restrictive or limited! Granted, you can choose to have chicken breasts and broccoli day after day – they do meet nutritional goals – but who wants that kind of life? Certainly not us.


This is why we have built a repertoire of inspiring food ideas here on this blog for your perusal. From healthy breakfast offerings to quick dinner ideas, we aim to make healthy eating inspiring, yet simple and completely doable even for beginners in the kitchen.


With numerous sources offering information on the latest fad diet or nutritious super food, you may be forgiven for feeling confused and unprepared to manage a healthy diet. Here at HealthLoco, we sift through and highlight science-backed information on what makes the best pre or post workout food, or what is good or bad for you.


Whether you are a gym nut looking to ditch that post workout shake, or a girl losing weight but longing for more than just a limp kale salad, or someone simply hoping for some healthy breakfast ideas – this is where you can get inspired. Find fabulous recipes, insightful posts on diet trends, and realistic tips to help you eat smarter. After all, health is wealth – and lucky for you, these tips are free.

Coming clean with comfort food ideas
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7 superfoods of 2018 you should not miss out on
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What does your food cravings say about your body?
More often than not, I find myself craving for an entirely random food at 9pm. Some nights it’s sushi, other nights it’s steaks. If you are experiencing random cravings like I do and would like to understand what these cravings mean for your body, read on! If you’re craving... Read more
Keto Diet: Lose weight with these Asian recipes!
Maintaining a Keto diet may be challenging for Asians since our meals consist mainly of grains and soy. Skip your rice and noodles, here are some tasty Keto recipes catered for the Asian taste which you can consider making! 1. Low-carb Zucchini Noodles Photo: Two Peas & Their Pod A... Read more
7 Healthy foods to eat before bedtime
I have to confess, I’m a late night snacker. My stomach has a tendency to growl when the clock strikes 10 PM, and I’m always conflicted between satisfying the demands of my tummy or sleeping the hunger away. Photo: Pinterest Late night hunger may be caused by several reasons such... Read more
Diet Smoothie: The Dos and Don’ts
Smoothies are on the top of our list when it comes to preparing a healthy and nutritious snack to help tide us over the hunger pangs we experience in our weight loss journey. By GIPHY However, your cup of Instagram worthy smoothie may be adding unnecessary calories and ruining... Read more
5 Foods you need to stock up on for a healthier 2018
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Top 5 Pre-workout food

Top 5 Pre-workout food

Food December 22, 2017 0

If you’re working out with the intention to lose weight, you may commit the mistake of heading to the gym without eating. Photo: sg connections – soul grooves fitness blog The truth is, whatever your reasons for going to the gym, you must not skip your pre-workout meal! Think about it,... Read more
These spices can help you lose weight
As weight loss encompasses both active exercising and a strict monitoring of foods and ingredients, we sometimes find our meals tasteless and bland. Our intense cravings are probably not helping us either. Well, here’s a good news! You can actually add these spices to your favourite foods to give... Read more
Can coffee help with weight loss?
Are you a heavy drinker? No, it’s not alcohol I’m referring to, it’s coffee! Many people are addicted to coffee, and cannot seem to start their day right without a cup of caffeine. However, depending on your coffee preferences, your daily cup of coffee may or may not be adding... Read more
8 Foods to eat for a bigger butt!
Are you trying to attain a bigger and firmer butt, but to no avail? All that squats you’ve been religiously doing may not produce effective results if you’re not consuming the right food. By GIPHY Junk and unhealthy food may help to increase the size of your butt, but... Read more