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Many people think that a healthy diet cannot be an exciting one. This is a misconception that HealthLoco hopes to correct.


Here, we believe that your diet should not be miserable.


A healthy diet plan that nourishes you can, at the same time, excite your palette. It can consist of flavorful items and numerous options. By no means does it have to be restrictive or limited! Granted, you can choose to have chicken breasts and broccoli day after day – they do meet nutritional goals – but who wants that kind of life? Certainly not us.


This is why we have built a repertoire of inspiring food ideas here on this blog for your perusal. From healthy breakfast offerings to quick dinner ideas, we aim to make healthy eating inspiring, yet simple and completely doable even for beginners in the kitchen.


With numerous sources offering information on the latest fad diet or nutritious super food, you may be forgiven for feeling confused and unprepared to manage a healthy diet. Here at HealthLoco, we sift through and highlight science-backed information on what makes the best pre or post workout food, or what is good or bad for you.


Whether you are a gym nut looking to ditch that post workout shake, or a girl losing weight but longing for more than just a limp kale salad, or someone simply hoping for some healthy breakfast ideas – this is where you can get inspired. Find fabulous recipes, insightful posts on diet trends, and realistic tips to help you eat smarter. After all, health is wealth – and lucky for you, these tips are free.

The coconut water craze: 5 proven benefits
Coconut water has been enjoying its celebrity status since it emerged on the scene in 2004. Walk into any supermarket, and you’ll be able to see an army of coconut water lined up ready for you to place them in your baskets. Not to be confused with coconut milk, which... Read more
11 things only peanut butter lovers understand
Peanut butter is a meal in itself. It’s creamy, rich, decadent – basically hitting all the right notes. It doesn’t hurt that it’s loaded with fibre and antioxidants too! Woe to those that don’t appreciate the miracle that is peanut butter. They will never understand these 10 things. 1. Creamy... Read more
Top 10 “healthy” foods that make you fat
There are so many products out there which seem to be made just for your health needs. Looking to slim down? There’s low-fat milk! Need more protein? Grab a protein bar! With so much misleading information, it’s easy to overlook the nutritious foods in our efforts to eat healthier. We... Read more
2 ingredient keto drink: Bulletproof coffee
A large part going keto is focusing on getting adequate fat into your diet. No, not the kind of fat found in cakes and cookies. We’re talking about healthy fats here. Healthy fats include monosaturated and polyunsaturated fat. Stay away from the saturated fats as they are known to increase cholesterol... Read more
Healthy valentines day desserts guaranteed to impress
Whenever I think of Valentine, I immediately think of sweets. A box of chocolates and roses are classics for this commemoration of love, but giving them seems to be a tad impersonal. Especially if your Valentine is looking to shed a few pounds or on a diet, maybe chocolates aren’t the... Read more
5 foods to combat heatiness

5 foods to combat heatiness

Food February 11, 2019 0

Feel a sore throat coming on after the Chinese New Year festivities? These signs of discomfort may be indicative of your body retaliating against the excess oil and fat you stuffed yourself silly with. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), there exists “heaty” and “cooling” foods. No, these have nothing to... Read more
SG: Healthified bubble tea

SG: Healthified bubble tea

Food February 8, 2019 0

Next to rice, bubble tea has become a staple in the diets of many. People nursing a cup of LiHo or GongCha in their hands is a common sight in the streets of Singapore. However, the “tea” in bubble tea by no means make it a healthy drink. While... Read more
How to snack smart for Chinese New Year
Walking into a relative’s house during Chinese New Year is akin to walking into a lion’s den. Only that in this case, you’re the lion. And the snacks are at your mercy. For many of us, that this is a dangerous time whereby we find ourselves unable to resist the temptation... Read more
SG: 5 Bak kwa flavours you’ve never heard of
As a Singaporean, we know that eating never ends for us. While other countries have meteorological seasons to mark the passing of time, we here have eating seasons, and each comes with its own delicacies. For Chinese New Year, the menu goes like this: pineapple tarts, almond cookies, and of course... Read more
Ultimate guide to carbs

Ultimate guide to carbs

Food January 29, 2019 0

“Carbs are bad for you”. Having declared that, you immediately swear to cut out all carbs from your diet. Why? Because carbs are EVIL. Or are they? Diets such as the paleo and Atkins diets have popularized the notion that carbs are redundant and will only make you fat. Is... Read more
Keto-friendly snacks under 150 calories
We love our snacks, and we bet you do too. However, when you’re on a keto diet, there are a few restrictions you’ll need to take note of. Ensuring that 10% of your calorie intake comes from carbs, making sure you get enough fat… these can be tiring to keep track... Read more
Healthiest steamboat ingredients (no pre-cooking required)
On the eve of Chinese New Year, many families congregate around a cosy pot of steamboat for reunion dinner. Also known as “wei lu“, it is a time where family members return to their roots to celebrate the unity of the family. Traditionally, a steamboat dinner consists of chicken, fish... Read more