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Many people think that a healthy diet cannot be an exciting one. This is a misconception that HealthLoco hopes to correct.


Here, we believe that your diet should not be miserable.


A healthy diet plan that nourishes you can, at the same time, excite your palette. It can consist of flavorful items and numerous options. By no means does it have to be restrictive or limited! Granted, you can choose to have chicken breasts and broccoli day after day – they do meet nutritional goals – but who wants that kind of life? Certainly not us.


This is why we have built a repertoire of inspiring food ideas here on this blog for your perusal. From healthy breakfast offerings to quick dinner ideas, we aim to make healthy eating inspiring, yet simple and completely doable even for beginners in the kitchen.


With numerous sources offering information on the latest fad diet or nutritious super food, you may be forgiven for feeling confused and unprepared to manage a healthy diet. Here at HealthLoco, we sift through and highlight science-backed information on what makes the best pre or post workout food, or what is good or bad for you.


Whether you are a gym nut looking to ditch that post workout shake, or a girl losing weight but longing for more than just a limp kale salad, or someone simply hoping for some healthy breakfast ideas – this is where you can get inspired. Find fabulous recipes, insightful posts on diet trends, and realistic tips to help you eat smarter. After all, health is wealth – and lucky for you, these tips are free.

Most popular health diets

Most popular health diets

Food February 26, 2019 0

1. Atkins diet The Atkins diet was first conceived by Robert Atkins in 1972. It recommends a low carbohydrate diet to control insulin levels in the body. As insulin levels fluctuate due to the consumption of refined carbohydrates, a rise in insulin levels will cause the body to store... Read more
Secrets the food industry doesn’t want you to know
1. Natural Flavouring It’s natural, so it’s good for me! Or so many thinks. For instance, “all natural” peanut butter is nutritious but “all natural”liquorice, chock full of added sugars, is most certainly is not. Depending on the country you reside in, there may not be a criterion for a... Read more
Amazing benefits of eating sushi
Nothing typifies Japanese cuisine as well as their sushi. This delicious and iconic food can be eaten in a number of ways, with many different ingredients, although always with rice and seaweed. Arguably a factor that contributes to the long lives of the Japanese people, Sushi also has a... Read more
The worst types of honey you could possibly consume
Yeah, newsflash. Not all honey is made the same. If the honey you are using is the cheapest bottle grabbed off the supermarket shelf, you may be denying yourself of all the glorious health benefits honey is purported to offer. Depending on the type of bees used in the... Read more
Eggs have high cholesterol: Myth or fact?
Eggs have been through it all – from first being hailed as a bodybuilding staple to getting a bad reputation for its cholesterol levels. Even until today, some believe in the nutrition value that eggs provide, while others contest its health value. With so much conflicting research out there, we... Read more
Banana peel tea is a thing

Banana peel tea is a thing

Food February 20, 2019 0

Ba-ba-ba-banana! Bananas are so popular worldwide, they even surpass the number of oranges and apples eaten! If those statistics are not enough to convince you, they even have a whole day dedicated to them. Really. 17th April will be banana day, a day where banana lovers unite and go bananas over,... Read more
Little known benefits of maca root
What is it? Macca root comes from a plant native to Peru. As its name suggests, the root is the edible part of the plant, which is most commonly available in powder form. Maca root has been used to enhance fertility and sex drive in the past. Today, it can be found... Read more
How apple cider vinegar helps you lose weight
Kourtney Kardashian drinks it, Miranda Kerr made a whole speech about it, and Megan Fox loves it. So what about this tonic that is so miraculous? They say if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. However, there has been science-backed claims about apple cider vinegar (ACV)... Read more
Zero calorie foods you have in your pantry
“That doughnut I ate was 350 calories. Or is it 450?” Have you ever been in a situation when you’ve hit your daily caloric intake but just want. Some more. Food?  Then that extra 10 calories makes a big difference. However, calorie counting is not as straightforward as adding a bunch of... Read more
The coconut water craze: 5 proven benefits
Coconut water has been enjoying its celebrity status since it emerged on the scene in 2004. Walk into any supermarket, and you’ll be able to see an army of coconut water lined up ready for you to place them in your baskets. Not to be confused with coconut milk, which... Read more
11 things only peanut butter lovers understand
Peanut butter is a meal in itself. It’s creamy, rich, decadent – basically hitting all the right notes. It doesn’t hurt that it’s loaded with fibre and antioxidants too! Woe to those that don’t appreciate the miracle that is peanut butter. They will never understand these 10 things. 1. Creamy... Read more
Top 10 “healthy” foods that make you fat
There are so many products out there which seem to be made just for your health needs. Looking to slim down? There’s low-fat milk! Need more protein? Grab a protein bar! With so much misleading information, it’s easy to overlook the nutritious foods in our efforts to eat healthier. We... Read more