Fitness Tips

Across the world, humans tend to become less active as we grow older. It makes sense: unless your job requires you to be physically active to get tasks done, most adults stay bound to their desks most of the time. And upon getting home, it’s plop onto the couch we go. Kids, on the other hand, find ways to stay highly active. Surely we could learn from them.


Or, we could learn from this blog right here.


HealthLoco espouses that exercise doesn’t have to be boring or something you do in a gym. Working your muscles and burning calories can be done even in the home, a la Kayla Itsines or Fitness Blender. Train up your biceps or elevate that posterior with tried and tested, science-backed, smart workout plans shared on this blog that will only serve to work to your advantage.


For the already addicted fitness junkies, find out how to maximise your time and efforts in the gym. Or, if you find yourself getting bored, here is where you can get additional inspiration and change up your routine.


Through our fitness tips, we hope that you grow to think of exercise as fun. Fun?! You must be mad! We hear you. But really, when you start to think of working out as less of a chore, and more of something beneficial for your person, you will be more motivated to keep going in the long run. Exercise is not punishment – ultimately, it is for your health.


Health is wealth, and lucky for you – our fitness tips are free.


Safe exercises for new moms – stay fit after giving birth
If you think that working out after giving birth is a big NO, then you are wrong. Experts believe that there are a number of benefits if you start exercising after giving birth. Of course, it’s not just about losing all the added pounds, but it helps in reducing... Read more
What women in their 30s should do with their health
Thirty, flirty, and thriving!  That’s one of the most remarkable lines from the movie, “13 Going on 30”. We couldn’t agree more though. Most women in their 30s are killing it. They have that confidence that the younger generation does not have. But we all know that as we... Read more
How to become a better runner
When we say better runner, this doesn’t equate to just being fast. When we say better runner, it means you don’t often face injuries. It means you are more efficient and of course, healthy. This post is not just for amateurs, seasoned runners can benefit from this as well.... Read more
Best arm workouts you can do without weights
If you are at home and you don’t have access to weights, you can still do some simple arm exercises. And this post might be your best reference. Most of the things we will list here are perfect even for beginners. Plus, these are also advisable if you want... Read more
Workout tips for stay-at-home moms
Being a stay-at-home mom with toddlers running around while fun, can be exhausting, most especially if you don’t have help. However, that should not be an excuse for you to forget about your own health. Yes, it is tempting to just order from fast food to satisfy your hunger.... Read more
Staying healthy while on a business trip
Business trips can be fun but also exhausting. More often than not, business travellers would rather sleep than workout. Some of them would even eat a lot after a long day of meetings with colleagues and clients. Well, that’s where the problem comes in. If you often travel for... Read more
Dealing with back pain, exercises and foods
When you have back pains, it seems that the only thing that you want to do is to rest and lie down. But if you really want to make your condition better, it is necessary that you exercise. However, it is critical to know which exercises are good for... Read more
Your quick guide when looking for a personal trainer
Honestly, the road to fitness is not that easy most especially if you are not knowledgeable about diet, nutrition, and whatnots. That’s why it is recommended that you get help from a personal trainer if you are serious about changing your lifestyle. The thing is, there are a lot... Read more
Top 20 Male Fitness Influencers from the Philippines
We recently published an article about the Top 20 Female Fitness Influencers from the Philippines. But of course, we have a separate list for the males. From this list are influencers who are Filipinos at birth,  of mixed descent, or those who decided to stay in the country. I... Read more
Top 20 Female Fitness Influencers from the Philippines
Being healthy and fit is undeniably beautiful and sexy. While we know this by heart and most of us want to achieve it, some of us need a bit of push. Let’s admit it, there are a lot of distractions when it comes to living healthy. We have our... Read more
Are you behaving properly in the gym?
Unless you have a private gym, it is important that you behave properly, most especially that it is a shared space. Remember, there is a need to respect other gym-goers and the gym equipment as well. But the question is, what are the most important things to consider? What... Read more
How to take care of your joints
You don’t realize how much you rely on your joints for movement, until your joints get injured. From the smaller joints such as in your fingers and ankles, to the major ones like your elbows and knees, your joints give you mobility and is integral when you work out... Read more