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If your weekends are feeling a tad too repetitive, and you are searching for some exciting new activities to partake in, look no further. HealthLoco shares news about the newest hyped activity or just some wildly unusual event for you to try. Does a trampoline park sound good to you? Is yoga too ordinary? How about some salsa dancing under the sun?


With an increasing focus on health and fitness (not to mention increasing obesity rates), more organisations are rolling out activities for the active citizen to partake in. Here at HealthLoco, we encourage you to jump onto the bandwagon. There’s a world of exciting events out there, and trying new activities, staying active and living vicariously can only benefit your health and wellbeing. With HealthLoco bringing news about the latest or the most unusual health activities right to your fingertips, there is no reason to stay on your couch.


With a multitude of new programmes cropping up every other day, it’s easy for you to completely miss an activity. Sad, really, if it was something you might have enjoyed – had you turned up. With HealthLoco, avoid having something fly completely under your radar!


If you simply cannot find time to make it for an activity – HealthLoco isn’t going to leave you hanging high and dry. Here, you will find write-ups and reviews for your reading pleasure. Get to know what health activities are most worth your time and money, what programmes are family-friendly, and what events are so good that you shouldn’t miss it for the world.

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