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Achieving wellbeing has long been one of the primary concerns of human existence. It plays a key role in achieving a good life and with it, lasting happiness.


Lasting happiness! Sounds good, doesn’t it? But as we all know, the journey to personal fulfilment is a confusing one, beset by difficulties and struggles we encounter in life. Being a happy, healthy person is much easier said than done.


But HealthLoco aims to make the journey easier for you. By providing inspiring pieces of advice and quality health tips, we get you that much closer to a long-lasting feeling of inner satisfaction.


True wellbeing is not fleeting. It is associated with balance, understanding, acceptance, and constant growth. In other words, it is not just a state of being but a process. And taking care of your mental and physical self is, inarguably, a determining factor in bolstering your sense of wellbeing.


HealthLoco joins you on this journey to improve your wellbeing, providing health tips that are often backed by studies and fitness gurus. HealthLoco features humorous anecdotes and relatable voices, to remind you that we are all on this journey towards a healthy lifestyle together.


The full responsibility of taking care of one’s health and enjoyment of life lies solely in one’s hands – here, we make this task easier by investigating and critically analysing all that is widely debated in the health and fitness world, making self-care easier for you to do. A busy lifestyle is no excuse to neglect caring for you. With the simplest and most ordinary health and wellness tips, we show that self-care is easy to incorporate into your schedule, however busy. Ultimately, we empower you to take full responsibility for yourself, your health, for the purpose of enjoying life to the fullest.

How to choose the best mattress and pillow for quality sleep
We spend a third of our life sleeping, or 9,125 days, if we live till 75 years old. Despite knowing the importance of a good sleep, most of us are guilty about trying to save on pillows and mattresses. “Nah, just get the $10 one in that abandoned sales cart over there.... Read more
You need a vacation away from your husband
While it is romantic to create memories with your partners, it is also important to give each other space. Some people associate having space as a sign of a failing relationship. However, experts have already confirmed that spending time away from each other should be done to either maintain or save... Read more
Effectively dealing with procrastination
There are times that we just want to intentionally delay things, in other words – we procrastinate. This happens to most of us. However, some people already formed a habit of procrastinating and it can take a toll on their lives and others as well. How do you deal... Read more
How entrepreneurs can manage their stress
While being an entrepreneur is fulfilling, it is definitely stressful at times. You have to meet client deadlines, you have your inventory, your reports, financial obligations, and the list goes on. However, it is highly important that you know how to manage your stress. Otherwise, you will not be... Read more
Is your boss bad for your health?
Working in a toxic environment is never healthy – this is already established. But what makes a workplace a bad environment? It can be the work demands, the low pay, the lack of benefits, your annoying colleagues, or your boss. Now, let’s talk about the boss. Do you think they... Read more
Reasons why you should stay away from social media – for a while
Social media has a lot of benefits. You can easily get connected with people miles away from you. It’s also good for the business. Apart from that, you get inspired by different posts and videos circulating in different social media platforms. However, overusing social media has its drawbacks too.... Read more
Protect your health, stay away from toxic relationship
Just a reminder, staying in a toxic relationship will never be good for your health.  It can really cause serious damage and you have to be careful. It is a must that you assess the relationships you are in. We are not just talking about your romantic relationship. Check... Read more
Mom’s guide to a healthier life
We are pretty sure you’d agree but generally, all moms are super! It doesn’t matter if one stays at home, or works in the office, or manages a business. They are all great. However, while mothers can do a lot of things, (from preparing the kids to finalizing work... Read more
How do you help teens with addiction
If you are a parent or a friend of a parent who has a teen with addiction, you can’t help but be worried too. We’re pretty sure you want to extend help and that’s good because time is ticking. However, you should know that there is always a proper... Read more
Owning a dog can improve your health
Some of us own a dog believing that they are just good companions, or that they can protect your homes. However, there are more reasons why you have to get a dog. Did you know that they can improve your health too? Yes, they are also lifesavers. How? Read... Read more
How to take care of yourself after a bad breakup
Breakups are almost always hard. It is physically and emotionally damaging. But at the end of the day, you will have to pick yourself up and get better. Sooner or later you will realize that you need to love yourself more. Now, speaking of love, how can you take... Read more
How to prevent and cure hangover
For some reason, some people would like to test their ‘alcohol-capacity’ and they usually end up having a hangover the next day. We all know that it’s not the best feeling in the world, right? There are people who experience headache, diarrhea, and even high blood pressure. And if... Read more