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How drones can help us in COVID-19 pandemic
For the longest time, drones were used to take amazing shots and videos. It’s heavily marketed for recreational purposes. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, drones have proven that they are more than just toys for the big boys. Using drones during the pandemic To disinfect Obviously, disinfection is important to... Read more
Effects of computers to young students
Computers have changed the way we live. This includes the way we educate our children. But while computers have become a tool to teach kids different lessons, it has its downside too. That is why it is important for parents to know how they can use the technology to... Read more
How to pick an office chair that is good for your health
You work for several hours a week and it is just proper that you look for a decent chair that will support you the best way possible. If you must know, sitting for hours can take a toll on your back and spine. This can lead to serious problems... Read more
Google on a quest to combine artificial intelligence and health care
Google is now serious in infusing artificial intelligence to health care. In fact, its sister companies are investing a huge sum of money for this ambitious project. But if you must know, this isn’t the first time that Google tried its luck in the health care niche. They did... Read more
Best apps to help our mental health
There are a lot of reasons why people suffer from mental health, specifically anxiety and depression. It could be due to stress, physical health, drugs, genes, or brain chemistry. Whatever the reason may be, it has to be taken seriously or it could result to a fatal consequence. Years... Read more
[PH] HealthLoco Reviews: Polar Vantage M
Bakit natin kelangan gumamit ng ‘fitness tracker’? Maraming benepisyo ang pag-gamit ng fitness tracker. Maaari itong gamitin sa pagbilang ng calories, pag-monitor ng heart rate, o sa pag-gawa ng training plan. Sa Polar Vantage M, makukuha mo ito at marami pang iba. 1. Disenyo Sa unang tingin, mapapansin agad... Read more
HealthLoco Reviews: Polar Vantage M
Why use a fitness tracker? Counting calories, monitoring heart rate and coming up with a personalised training plan are all part of the many benefits it provides. These, and more are just a tap away with the Polar Vantage M. Look no further, as the fitness tracker you have... Read more
7 apps for your health and fitness needs
 In this day and age, where the digital world has taken flight, and the ownership of smart devices is rampant (I mean, even your neighbors’ two year old kid has an Ipad?), there’s so much more we can do with our trusty tech companions. As opposed to our parents’... Read more
A day with Polar A370 – HealthLoco Reviews
Starting my day with Polar A370 7:00 am – The automatic Alarm alert buzzer vibrates to wake me up, and I rolled on my bed for awhile and checked my phone for messages. 7:15 am – Sleep Report Alert vibrates, asking me if I want to view my sleeping... Read more
Sports smartwatch showdown 2017
Picking out your very first sports smartwatch can be incredibly tough, especially when there are so many different sports smartwatches in the market right now. If you are shopping around for your very first wearable technology and is feeling overwhelmed by the wealth of information, we at HealthLoco have... Read more
Precautions to take when buying contact lenses online
With the ever increasing trend of online shopping, many people are turning to online shopping. Everything seems to be available online at anytime and anywhere. You can even do online shopping now on social media such as Facebook and Instagram where businesses can set up shop.  There are even... Read more
Gaming benefits that may be good for your health
Have you ever thought that gaming could do you good? Well, surprise surprise! There are actually some gaming benefits that may surprise you! Remember the days where gaming was only in the arcades? When snakes were the only game you played on your Nokia phone back then? via GIPHY... Read more