Male birth control pills, is it already available?
Just recently, there was a presentation on male birth control pills at the Endocrine Society conference in New Orleans. With that, a lot of people are asking. Is it already out in the market? Can women stop taking birth control pills from now on? What are the symptoms? Where... Read more
WHO Southeast Asia region, 5 years of being polio-free
According to the World Health Organization, March 27  is a memorable day as India, and the rest of the Southeast Asia region will celebrate half a decade of being free from polio. Around 12 years ago, India alone holds 70 percent of the world’s polio cases. And right now,... Read more
Teens who lack sleep have tendencies to hurt themselves
As parents, we usually ‘force’ our kids to take a nap or to sleep early. Most of us think that having the right amount of sleep will help them grow taller. That is absolutely true and has been backed up by science. However, you should understand that sleeping is... Read more
Protect yourself from air pollution, kills more people every year
Recent reports revealed that air pollution is the culprit for killing more people every year. No wonder why others are selling fresh air in a can! But given our lifestyle, and considering that most areas are already polluted,  how can we protect ourselves? How can you protect yourself from... Read more
Meet Marvel’s newest and first Filipina superhero
A lot of Filipinas are making names for themselves around the globe. The most recent was Catriona Gray who bagged the title Ms.Universe 2018. And there are still more who are standing out in different fields – from arts, to science and even sports. Without a doubt, Filipinas are the... Read more
Natural anti-aging plant, Japanese Ashitaba
Aging is beautiful in a sense that we become wiser and smarter but it also has its obvious drawbacks. More than the apparent changes in the exterior of our bodies, we become more fragile and weaker. Our vision gets blurry, we can’t run as fast as we did, our... Read more
Momo challenge, effects to your children’s health and how to protect them
Momo challenge, it’s all over the news, and it is alarming! It targets our children, and it has caused death already. As parents, do we really understand the effect of similar games to our kids? Do we understand how they process these absurd challenges? We believe that it is... Read more
SG: McGriddles is back with limited edition giveaways
Our prayers for #MakeMcGriddlesPermanent have been answered!  When McGriddles disappeared from the menu last year, many were enraged. And we can see why. With its signature chicken sausage patty nestled between two gorgeous griddle cakes, the McGriddles is nothing short of scrumptious. Well, rejoice, because starting from 28 February 2019,... Read more
Phone burns 500 holes in woman’s conrea
Do you find yourself constantly glued to your phone? While we have heard countless warnings about the dangers of looking at your screens, how many of us have taken them seriously? Well, this might make you reconsider. It’s not uncommon for some jobs to require one to be on their... Read more
Is it possible? A cure for cancer
Is there a cure for cancer? Apparently so, and it’s just a year away. Scientists from Israel believe that they have solved the mystery that is cancer. In their words: “We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer”. According to The Jerusalem Post, a... Read more
Mother died after consuming left over vegetables daily
Some of us dispose of whatever food we cannot finish after dinner. Others store the remnants in the fridge to avoid wasting food. This was the case in Malaysia, where a lady developed stomach cancer after consuming leftover vegetables daily. Mistaken in her assumption that these leftovers are not... Read more
Pork Briyani and rainbow prata?
If you are a fan of pork and Briyani, you should make your way down to woodlands as on the 9th September, Banana Leaf Pork Briyani opened its shop to the public with the first ever Pork Briyani in Singapore.  Photo: Banana Leaf Pork Briyani Facebook We all have... Read more