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Many people think that a healthy diet cannot be an exciting one. This is a misconception that HealthLoco hopes to correct.


Here, we believe that your diet should not be miserable.


A healthy diet plan that nourishes you can, at the same time, excite your palette. It can consist of flavorful items and numerous options. By no means does it have to be restrictive or limited! Granted, you can choose to have chicken breasts and broccoli day after day – they do meet nutritional goals – but who wants that kind of life? Certainly not us.


This is why we have built a repertoire of inspiring food ideas here on this blog for your perusal. From healthy breakfast offerings to quick dinner ideas, we aim to make healthy eating inspiring, yet simple and completely doable even for beginners in the kitchen.


With numerous sources offering information on the latest fad diet or nutritious super food, you may be forgiven for feeling confused and unprepared to manage a healthy diet. Here at HealthLoco, we sift through and highlight science-backed information on what makes the best pre or post workout food, or what is good or bad for you.


Whether you are a gym nut looking to ditch that post workout shake, or a girl losing weight but longing for more than just a limp kale salad, or someone simply hoping for some healthy breakfast ideas – this is where you can get inspired. Find fabulous recipes, insightful posts on diet trends, and realistic tips to help you eat smarter. After all, health is wealth – and lucky for you, these tips are free.

You are eating sugar, and you don’t know it
If you are trying to eat healthy, you are probably cautious when it comes to your grocery shopping. You are most likely reading the labels, right? Perhaps, you choose foods and items which are organic, natural, or low in sugar. Speaking of sugar, did you know that a lot... Read more
Creative ways to make your kids eat vegetables
Feeding your kids vegetables can be challenging. We’re pretty sure a lot of parents can relate to this, right? However, it is our duty to feed our kids healthy foods even if they just want to eat hotdogs and bacon every single day. So what should we do? In... Read more
Best homemade drinks for pregnant women
Knowing the best drinks for pregnant women is essential most especially for the growing baby. That is why even if you crave for some ice-cold soda every single day, you have to remember its effects on your pregnancy, and of course, the little one. However, we don’t want you... Read more
How to deal with acid stomach, best and worst foods
Most people who suffer from acid stomach usually produce too much acid stomach as a response to caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and stress. You have to take note of the last one. As you may probably know, exhaustion and stress can really make your body go crazy! What are the symptoms... Read more
You can still gain weight if you are eating these starchy vegetables!
You decided to eat healthy food so you can reduce your weight. And just to be sure, you decided to eat more vegetables. But after a while, you noticed that you are gaining weight instead of losing. What could be wrong? Believe it or not, you might be eating... Read more
Foods to avoid if you want a goodnight sleep
You are tired from work, you are exhausted from personal chores, you even went out with your friends and you thought the activities you had for the day are enough to put you to a good night rest. But surprisingly, you are wrong. You are staring at your bedroom... Read more
Foods to eat for better lungs
Do you usually experience shortness of breath? You are considerably young but you feel that your lungs are older than it should be. You are not a smoker, you try to distance yourself from people who do, and your house is definitely free from thirdhand smoke. What could be... Read more
Worst foods for your pimples, and the best alternatives
Even if you have the best facial moisturizes, toners, or whatever face product available in the market, these will not be enough to achieve clearer skin. Just so you know, it is very important to consider your diet. The food you eat greatly affects your skin condition. Let’s admit... Read more
What are the best foods for our parents
We are all not getting any younger and our needs change overtime. This is also true with food and nutritional needs. But before you prepare your delicious meal for the next grand family dinner, you have to consider if this is healthy and beneficial to your parents. Some of you... Read more
Best alternative for energy drinks
We all know that most of us have gigantic responsibilities may it be household chores or office works, and it seems that our natural energies are not sufficient for it. That’s probably one of the reasons why people resort to energy drinks. The most popular ones are Red Bull and Monster.... Read more
Pre-workout foods to eat before hitting the gym
Myth: Training on an empty stomach is an effective way to force your body to burn fat. After all, with no calories in the tank, your body should pull from its fat reserves, right? However, according to Darryn S. Willoughby, Ph.D., C.S.C.S., director of the Exercise and Biochemical Nutrition Laboratory... Read more
Best protein foods to build muscle
Protein is the building block of your body. From your hair down to your toes, the organs, muscles, skin, hormones and pretty much everything else in your body is made up of protein. That’s why protein is so important, and is a must-have for your every meal. Other benefits... Read more