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Many people think that a healthy diet cannot be an exciting one. This is a misconception that HealthLoco hopes to correct.


Here, we believe that your diet should not be miserable.


A healthy diet plan that nourishes you can, at the same time, excite your palette. It can consist of flavorful items and numerous options. By no means does it have to be restrictive or limited! Granted, you can choose to have chicken breasts and broccoli day after day – they do meet nutritional goals – but who wants that kind of life? Certainly not us.


This is why we have built a repertoire of inspiring food ideas here on this blog for your perusal. From healthy breakfast offerings to quick dinner ideas, we aim to make healthy eating inspiring, yet simple and completely doable even for beginners in the kitchen.


With numerous sources offering information on the latest fad diet or nutritious super food, you may be forgiven for feeling confused and unprepared to manage a healthy diet. Here at HealthLoco, we sift through and highlight science-backed information on what makes the best pre or post workout food, or what is good or bad for you.


Whether you are a gym nut looking to ditch that post workout shake, or a girl losing weight but longing for more than just a limp kale salad, or someone simply hoping for some healthy breakfast ideas – this is where you can get inspired. Find fabulous recipes, insightful posts on diet trends, and realistic tips to help you eat smarter. After all, health is wealth – and lucky for you, these tips are free.

Best Drinks for Runners

Best Drinks for Runners

Food October 29, 2020 0

We all know that drinking is essential, most especially if you are doing physical activities. But that doesn’t mean you should get random drinks in your fridge. Remember, you need to make the right choices. Thus, we are giving you a list of the best drinks for runners. That... Read more
Best Foods After Your Running Session
When running, you should also consider the food to eat. It is essential that you keep yourself healthy and that you decide on which meals will keep you energized. If you are still eating junks, then we recommend that you stop it right now. Wondering what you should include... Read more
Healthy drinks to boost your strength and immunity
Right now, what we need is to boost our strength and immunity by having healthy drinks. Since there is no vaccine available to combat coronavirus yet, this is the best health approach we can all follow.  There are several ways to improve our immunity. You can be pickier with... Read more
Foods for high cholesterol
As most of us already know, millions of people die from stroke and heart attack. If you have high cholesterol levels, you have a higher chance of getting these diseases. Thus, it is essential to know the right food that can improve your health. We have here a quick... Read more
What are the foods that can make you hungry?
If you are trying to maintain or lose weight, you must choose the right foods. You see, there are some options which can make you even hungrier and naturally, you have to avoid these. But what are these foods? What are the dishes or meals that you have to stay... Read more
Cold drinks you can make during pandemic
Everyone is practically blasting their air-conditioners right now because the temperature is just too high!  People are building their portable swimming pools just to ease out the heat. But another way to fight off the temperature is to make your own cold drinks. Always hydrate yourself not just with... Read more
Best dishes during the pandemic
Since most of us are locked down or are in shelter-in-place measures, ordering food outside is sometimes limited. Looking at the bright side, maybe this is the best time for you to spend more hours in the kitchen. You would be surprised that preparing meals or dishes are simple.... Read more
Reasons to eat the super fruit, papaya
If you are writing down your next grocery shopping list, you better include the super fruit papaya or what they call pawpaw in other regions. As most of you know, it is jam-packed with high amounts of nutrition. It is a great source of Vitamins A and C. Plus, it promotes... Read more
How to make healthier coffee?
Most of us would like to kickstart our day with a nice hot coffee. But who can blame us, right? The rich aroma is beneficial to wake up our senses. It’s our fuel for the day, to say the least. You have probably read a lot of articles on... Read more
Starting your own vegetable garden, stay-at-home measure
If you are thinking of a valuable activity that you can do during this pandemic, why don’t you try building your own vegetable garden? Come to think of it, it’s also a form of mental and physical exercise. Plus, you get to have your own healthy food. It’s really... Read more
Dalgona coffee, why is it trending now?
Dalgona coffee. You have probably seen your friends posting their own version of this beverage. But what’s the real deal behind this trendiest coffee in social media right now? We’ve done a bit of research and here are some of the things we found out. Dalgona quick facts It... Read more
Benefits you can get from fish oil
In case you are not aware, fish oil is one of the most in-demand dietary supplements around the globe. It holds a lot of benefits which we would like to share with you. If you don’t have your own supply yet, then this article might change your mind. What... Read more