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Across the world, humans tend to become less active as we grow older. It makes sense: unless your job requires you to be physically active to get tasks done, most adults stay bound to their desks most of the time. And upon getting home, it’s plop onto the couch we go. Kids, on the other hand, find ways to stay highly active. Surely we could learn from them.


Or, we could learn from this blog right here.


HealthLoco espouses that exercise doesn’t have to be boring or something you do in a gym. Working your muscles and burning calories can be done even in the home, a la Kayla Itsines or Fitness Blender. Train up your biceps or elevate that posterior with tried and tested, science-backed, smart workout plans shared on this blog that will only serve to work to your advantage.


For the already addicted fitness junkies, find out how to maximise your time and efforts in the gym. Or, if you find yourself getting bored, here is where you can get additional inspiration and change up your routine.


Through our fitness tips, we hope that you grow to think of exercise as fun. Fun?! You must be mad! We hear you. But really, when you start to think of working out as less of a chore, and more of something beneficial for your person, you will be more motivated to keep going in the long run. Exercise is not punishment – ultimately, it is for your health.


Health is wealth, and lucky for you – our fitness tips are free.


5 body strengthening exercises you can do in the office
Tired from crunching all those numbers? Weary from organising all those spreadsheets? Via GIPHY Well, don’t despair, just take a break and do a little exercise. They will help to strengthen your body, and you can even do them without leaving your chair! These chair based exercises are perfect... Read more
36 exercises ranked based on the calories burnt
Seeking the best way to burn calories? HealthLoco understands! In a fast-paced and efficiency-loving time such as this, all we want to do is to find the most efficient way to do things, which in this case is to burn calories. Especially for those with a packed schedule and... Read more
How you can get fit without actually running
Ah, running. Since the beginning of time, running has been a staple in the lives of almost all land-based creatures. From stampeding buffaloes to frenzied ants, there is no substitute for running as a mode of fast-paced travel. That is, until man learnt to ride horses and invented vehicles... Read more
5 Exercises for a more attractive cleavage
While breast sizes and cleavages are largely affected by the number of fats distributed in the area as well as genetics, there are some exercises that can help to enhance the appearance of your cleavage and give you that additional confidence boost when you wear that low cut dress.... Read more
Having indigestion? Do these simple stretches!
Welcome to a brand new year! Over the past weeks, most of us have been indulging in feasts after feasts. While it’s a great time to treat yourself and gather with the ones we love, many of us probably end up eating foods that are sweeter and richer than... Read more
Workouts for sexy shoulders
Off shoulder and spaghetti dresses are definitely here to stay even in 2018. Besides allowing us to flaunt our defined collarbones (see how you can achieve sexy collarbones here), these dresses also showcase our beautiful shoulders! By GIPHY The following workouts not only help to enhance the attractiveness of... Read more
Partner Yoga and why you should try it
While it is hard to keep a relationship burning as intensely as it first started, you don’t have to stay settled in a relationship plateau. Reignite that spark by exploring something new with your other half, such as partner yoga! By GIPHY Partner yoga not only helps to improve... Read more
How to get rid of your love handles
Love handles refer to the fats sitting on the side of the abdominal area. They affect the way your pants fit and alter your silhouette when wearing a tight-fitting dress. Love handles are not easy to shed because typical ab workouts fail to effectively burn the fats away. Photo: KUMPULAN... Read more
Exercises to improve your posture
If you feel like your shoulders and back are stiff after a long day at work or school, chances are that you have been hunching over your computer or phone for prolonged hours. Bad posture, such as the hanging of your head to look at your phone, or the... Read more
How to get sexy collarbones
If you haven’t heard, collarbones are all the rage right now! They help to enhance your feminine vibe, and at the same time make you look poised and sexy. By GIPHY In addition, collarbones give off an overall slimming effect, making your face appear smaller and sharper than it actually... Read more
The Ultimate Booty Guide

The Ultimate Booty Guide

Fitness December 15, 2017 0

The concept of an “ideal butt” has gone through numerous transformation even before the 1900s. There’s just something about those curves that make both genders stare in awe. To achieve the “ideal butt”, we came up with the ultimate booty guide that will help you understand your own butt... Read more
Housework: They burn calories too!
I have to admit, I hate doing housework. I find it time consuming and way too much of a hassle. By GIPHY However, what if we viewed housework from a different perspective? Besides maintaining our living quarters, housework acts as a form of exercise that effectively burns calories, killing two birds... Read more