5 health supplements that can ease backaches
About 80% of adults experience some form of lower back pains at some point in their lifetimes, making it one of the most common cause of job-related disability. Certain foods, nutrients and supplements can alter the underlying cellular metabolic processes that maintain chronic inflammation, degeneration and pain. Besides regular... Read more
Nathan Hartono spotted at DBS Marina Regatta 2017
The much anticipated June holidays has finally arrived, and Singapore’s Biggest BayFest returns for the sixth time this year, featuring the first inflatable gruelling water obstacle course. Local favourite heartthrob, Nathan Hartono, was also spotted performing live at the DBS Marina Regatta on the evening of June 2. After... Read more
Sports smartwatch showdown 2017
Picking out your very first sports smartwatch can be incredibly tough, especially when there are so many different sports smartwatches in the market right now. If you are shopping around for your very first wearable technology and is feeling overwhelmed by the wealth of information, we at HealthLoco have... Read more
Lemon water can aid in weight loss
Lemon water can aid in weight loss Do you know that lemon is an amazing fruit that provides us with many health benefits? Lemons contains many nourishing properties such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin E as well as antioxidants and cancer-fighting properties. When it comes to... Read more
Headaches? Try these foods proven to help lessen those aches.
Headaches is one of the most common illnesses experienced by people from all over the world and it can affect anyone of any age, race, and gender. A headache is like a painful pounding sensation that you can feel anywhere in your head. People who experience headaches can say... Read more
Foods you should eat after your workout
Ever wonder if you should eat after working out, or what you should eat to maximise the effect of working out? Eating after working out is important, and what you eat after a workout matters as well. After working out, your body is depleted of glycogen. The proteins in... Read more
Pimples and acne? Do not pop them!
One of mankind’s greatest enemy for appearance and skin: acne, also known as pimples or zits. via GIPHY Having an important event tomorrow? Here are two huge zits for you. Meeting your date for the first time later? How about some inflamed pimples on your nose and chin to go... Read more
Why you should work out in the morning
Your alarm rings and you open your eyes, feeling groggy and disorientated. You sit up, half awake. Your bed feels so comfy and cozy. You just want to go back to sleep and not get out of bed and face reality. Then you think about how some of your... Read more
Interesting things to do and eat when you are in Thailand
Renowned for its rich cultural heritage, Thailand is a country that has endless interesting things to do, especially when you are of the adventurous type. If you have never been to Thailand, here is a “beginner guide” to all the interesting things you can do and eat when you visit... Read more