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“There are no ugly girls, just lazy ones.”


First things first: we don’t agree with this saying. The implication is troubling, suggesting that the value of a woman lies in her looks. Also, the two premises are unconnected, because much of what is considered conventionally beautiful is owed as much to genetics as it is to hard work.


So, no. Unattractiveness does not equate laziness, and beauty is not the most important thing in the world.


But taking care of your outer appearance can have a transformative effect, allowing you to feel better and project more confidence as you take on the world! #feelingmyself. Self-love and self-care can make a huge difference in your life, and this is how the HealthLoco blog can help with our fitness, beauty, and lifestyle recommendations. We want to make you feel healthier, happier, less stressed, and more confident. Does this require effort? Yes. The amount of invested effort required to get to a satisfactory, contented state of mind varies from person to person, but largely, yes. You’ll need to work (work work work work) for this.


Join us as we discover various ways you can foster a holistic sense of well-being. Dream big, stay passionate, keep up your fitness regime, and let that inner beauty shine through by perusing our blog for the latest self-care tips and ideas.


It may sound a little woo woo at times but a sustainable sort of happiness and confident way of life is achievable. It starts with practicing self-care and listening to your needs. It starts here at HealthLoco.

What is there to know about microblading
Perfect eyebrows. It’s such a big thing today that most women would spend hours fixing their eyebrows every single day. But not everyone would want to sit for long periods of time just to fix their brows. And that’s where microblading comes in. What is microblading? Microblading, if you must... Read more
How to improve your pores
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How do you prevent and cure dry lips
Dry lips can be annoying to look at and at times, it can hurt like hell! The good news though is that there are multiple ways to prevent and cure chapped lips. If you don’t know where to start, we have here a list for you. Scroll down and... Read more
How to properly take care of your feet
Some of us would regularly visit a spa to pamper our feet. While we see nothing wrong with it, there are people who are always on the budget. And you have to admit, spa treatments can be quite costly. But does that mean you have to neglect your feet?... Read more
Home remedies for varicose veins
Varicose veins can be painful and if not taken seriously, can affect your daily routine. But this doesn’t mean that you have to go under medical procedures right away. In fact, experts will tell you about home remedies which you can easily follow. What are these – you may... Read more
How to take care of your nails, because they deserve it too
If you want to have great nails, going to a salon isn’t always the answer. You can have beautiful nails if you know how to take care of it with proper diet and hygiene. But of course, the question now is ‘how do you do it’. Look no more... Read more
Consider these before getting a plastic surgery
Getting a plastic surgery seems to be normal these days, compared to decades ago where people try to hide if they are going under a knife. But even with its popularity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to join the bandwagon without thinking twice – even thrice or... Read more
Stop bad breath, gain back that confidence
Whatever the reason is, bad breath can kill one’s confidence. Even if you are the smartest person on earth, you would rather not speak your thoughts than to be mocked by other people. But bad breath isn’t just because you forgot to brush your teeth. There are a lot... Read more
How do you take care of your hands, it’s time to pamper them
Our hands. We use it practically 80% of the time for all our daily activities. We use it for washing the dishes, sending emails, driving, or brushing our hair. While we understand that most calluses are brought by hard work, it doesn’t mean we should neglect our hands. Have you... Read more
Cheap ways to improve your smile, make your teeth white
A smile can really brighten up one’s day. But unfortunately, a lot of people would want to hide their best smile because they feel their teeth isn’t advertisement – worthy. And so they would just give people a smirk, which can be misinterpreted a number of times. How can... Read more
Read this before you get your eyelash extensions, risks to consider
Most of us would want to be extra beautiful, and there is nothing wrong with it. We get hair treatment, we buy facial products, we improve our teeth among many others. But now, the beauty trend is getting bigger, this includes having eyelash extensions. If you are considering to... Read more
Homemade facial products you can easily prepare
We have a lot of things to pay every month. We have the mortgage, rent, food, membership fees, and the list goes on. But even if you are on a budget, that should be not an excuse to neglect your skin, especially the face. Now, we understand that the... Read more