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If your weekends are feeling a tad too repetitive, and you are searching for some exciting new activities to partake in, look no further. HealthLoco shares news about the newest hyped activity or just some wildly unusual event for you to try. Does a trampoline park sound good to you? Is yoga too ordinary? How about some salsa dancing under the sun?


With an increasing focus on health and fitness (not to mention increasing obesity rates), more organisations are rolling out activities for the active citizen to partake in. Here at HealthLoco, we encourage you to jump onto the bandwagon. There’s a world of exciting events out there, and trying new activities, staying active and living vicariously can only benefit your health and wellbeing. With HealthLoco bringing news about the latest or the most unusual health activities right to your fingertips, there is no reason to stay on your couch.


With a multitude of new programmes cropping up every other day, it’s easy for you to completely miss an activity. Sad, really, if it was something you might have enjoyed – had you turned up. With HealthLoco, avoid having something fly completely under your radar!


If you simply cannot find time to make it for an activity – HealthLoco isn’t going to leave you hanging high and dry. Here, you will find write-ups and reviews for your reading pleasure. Get to know what health activities are most worth your time and money, what programmes are family-friendly, and what events are so good that you shouldn’t miss it for the world.

How to encourage elderly to stay physically active
Everyone needs to have regular physical activities. Regardless if you are a kid or an elderly, it is a must that you exercise. And speaking of the elderly, most of them would rather sit down and do practically nothing. This will do no good and we have to encourage... Read more
Washing the dishes is good for your health
Many of us do not like to wash the dishes (by hand) for different reasons. Some don’t like it because it’s time-consuming while others just don’t like the feeling of having wrinkly hands. However, research about washing the dishes might change your mind. Experts say that washing the dishes... Read more
Are ebooks healthy for your little children?
One preschool teacher from New York tested an ebook to her young students and it was a complete failure. It seems that the kids were not able to grasp the story and are less attentive compared to when she uses traditional books. This is not an isolated case and... Read more
Effects of movies to your health
Most of us watch movies to escape our own reality. However, watching films proved to be more than just for entertainment purposes. It has its health benefits too. What are those? Keep on reading to learn more. Health benefits of watching movies It often makes us happy Generally, watching... Read more
Fun summer activities for the children
Doing summer activities is not just beneficial to your kids, it’s also for you. Activities which are considered fun can boost your health in so many levels. Take for example running with your kids. That’s good for your physical health, right? How about visiting a historical spot? Such can... Read more
Keeping your cool during the hot weather
It is hot – and it can get really annoying! But as always, you have to remain cool and relaxed. Now, you might begin to question, is that really possible? YES! With the activities we have below, it will be. So, read on, scroll and learn how you can... Read more
Healthy family activities you can do for the weekend
With the emergence of gadgets like smartphones and tablets, it seems that family weekends are filled with video streaming and mobile games. That’s very unfortunate because that promotes a sedentary lifestyle which we all know can contribute to weakened health. So what do you have to do? It’s time... Read more
Language development for your kids, how to help them?
It is important to remember that as a parent, your role is huge when it comes to your children’s language development. However, with our lifestyle nowadays where almost everyone is glued to their gadgets, how can the future generation enhance their vocabulary? After reading this post, we hope that... Read more
Best brain exercises to boost your work performance
Come to think of it, most of us would spend hours in the gym to improve the looks of our body. But have you ever considered spending few minutes to exercise your brain? It is equally important but obviously neglected.  Remember, you still have to do exercises, specifically to... Read more
Reasons why you should start biking
To stay fit, or to boost one’s health, there are a lot of workouts and activities to choose from. But if we are to choose our favorite, it has got to be biking. Some people would disagree, but we have few reasons to prove our point. If you will... Read more
Common activities that are bad for your eyes
You might not notice it but your daily activities can be bad for your eyes. We’re pretty sure, we do not have to emphasize how frustrating it can get to have blurry vision, or worse, no vision at all. So before that happens, you have to be aware of... Read more
You need to include these flowers in your v-day bouquet other than roses
Whether you’re planning on staying home or heading out with your partner, you’ll probably want to grab some flowers for them. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the romantic act of giving them a flower bouquet is bound to score you some major points. Impress your partner with some of these unique flowers,... Read more