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If your weekends are feeling a tad too repetitive, and you are searching for some exciting new activities to partake in, look no further. HealthLoco shares news about the newest hyped activity or just some wildly unusual event for you to try. Does a trampoline park sound good to you? Is yoga too ordinary? How about some salsa dancing under the sun?


With an increasing focus on health and fitness (not to mention increasing obesity rates), more organisations are rolling out activities for the active citizen to partake in. Here at HealthLoco, we encourage you to jump onto the bandwagon. There’s a world of exciting events out there, and trying new activities, staying active and living vicariously can only benefit your health and wellbeing. With HealthLoco bringing news about the latest or the most unusual health activities right to your fingertips, there is no reason to stay on your couch.


With a multitude of new programmes cropping up every other day, it’s easy for you to completely miss an activity. Sad, really, if it was something you might have enjoyed – had you turned up. With HealthLoco, avoid having something fly completely under your radar!


If you simply cannot find time to make it for an activity – HealthLoco isn’t going to leave you hanging high and dry. Here, you will find write-ups and reviews for your reading pleasure. Get to know what health activities are most worth your time and money, what programmes are family-friendly, and what events are so good that you shouldn’t miss it for the world.

How To Effectively Train For Running While At Home
With the pandemic, most people were mandated to stay at home. And while the regulations now are more lenient, we still do not recommend people to stay outside for a long time. Of course, we understand that there are a few people who still want to be physically active.... Read more
Why You Should Try Trail Running
One of the things that the pandemic changed is our urge to live a healthier life. Before, people are just fine sitting all day on the couch, doing practically nothing. However, as we need to strengthen our bodies, most engaged themselves in physical activities like biking, walking, or even... Read more
What Happens To Your Body if You Run for 1 Month
When the coronavirus hit the world, a lot of people became more cautious about their health. They are now choosing healthier food options and started to stay away from the sedentary lifestyle. Instead of just lounging on their couches, they begin to think of ways on how they can... Read more
Stop sitting too much to live longer
In a study in the US, it was shared that people sitting less have a lesser chance of dying from cancer. If you exercise and move around, you could decrease the risk on a massive scale. You can find the report here. Stop Sitting Down As of the moment, a... Read more
Supercharging your brain, what are the best tips?
Our brains, as we all know, is powerful. However, most of us fail to reach our full potential just because we don’t take care of our brains. So how do we actually do such? How can we supercharge our brains? Well, look no further as we have a number... Read more
Best health activities for couples
Are you getting bored about your usual movie night with your partner? Maybe this is the best time to be creative and do healthy activities. If you are running out of ideas, we have a quick guide for you. It should help you healthier while keeping the fire in... Read more
Office habits that will make you healthy
A lot of people spend most of their time in the office and you begin to wonder, can you live a healthy lifestyle amidst all the stress, meetings, and paperwork? Well, the good news is – we can! This post will give you some tips on how you can... Read more
How to properly take care of your ears
We don’t have to reiterate how important our ears are, right? Unfortunately, a lot of people do not have an idea on how they should properly take care of it. Truth be told, taking care of our ears doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. This post will actually... Read more
How Do You Lower the Risk of Dementia?
If you must know, dementia is considered one of the fastest growing health conditions around the globe. It’s a health issue that targets our memory and to date, there are more or less 50 million people affected worldwide. Each year, more and more people are diagnosed with this condition.... Read more
Health tests and checkups you should do regularly
A lot of us are obviously busy with our lives. As adults, we have a number of responsibilities. Some are parents, others are working, others have their own businesses, and we all have bills to pay. So sometimes because of the busy schedule, we try to push back regular... Read more
How do you avoid travel sickness?
Having travel sickness happens to most people, especially the young ones and the older generation. And this can make your journey a bit challenging. There are a number of reasons why people suffer from travel sickness. Some people get anxious just with the thought of travelling. Others eat heavy meals... Read more
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