Best Drinks for Runners Best Drinks for Runners
We all know that drinking is essential, most especially if you are doing physical activities. But that doesn’t mean you should get random drinks... Best Drinks for Runners

We all know that drinking is essential, most especially if you are doing physical activities. But that doesn’t mean you should get random drinks in your fridge. Remember, you need to make the right choices. Thus, we are giving you a list of the best drinks for runners. That way, you can stay healthy, and at the same time, ensure that you have your best run every single time.


Let’s not make things complicated, shall we? First on our list is our good ol’ water. As always, this should be your primary source. It’s always available, plus it’s cheaper than most drinks. 

Sports Drinks 

If you are running for long periods of time, we recommend that you get sports drinks. This is due to the electrolytes and carbs. This promotes water absorption, and runners tend to delay fatigue. As a rule of thumb, you should choose sports drinks if you will run for more than an hour. Those who run less than that can swish the sports drinks and then spit it out. That way, you can improve your performance without the unwanted calories. 

Just so you know, you can create your own sports drinks. Here are a few ones that we highly recommend. 

  • Add water, dates, lemon, orange, sea salt, and honey
  • Add water, green tea, honey, lemon, coconut oil, and sea salt
  • Add apple juice, cold water, apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon, and sea salt

Use your blender, strain the mixture using your coffee filter, keep it in your fridge so it will be ready the next day. 

Coconut Water 

A lot of celebrities are promoting coconut water. But of course, that’s not the reason why we included this is our list. Coconut water has fewer carbs than sports drinks. And of course, it tastes better than your regular plain H2O. 

Tart Cherry Juice 

We’ve included tart cherry juice in this list of best drinks for runners because it’s also jam-packed with antioxidants. Having said that, it can help in reducing inflammation. Plus, it speeds up recovery. You can drink this juice twice a day or whenever you are training. 

Coffee and Tea

Most of us know that coffee and tea can provide us that caffeine boost. The energy is beneficial as we run. But there’s more to love about our coffee and tea. Both of these have high antioxidants. In addition, few studies claim that those who drink tea tend to have lower BMI and body fat percentage. It can even reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s. 

Iced Green Tea

For green tea lovers out there, here’s a good news. Did you know that iced green tea is recommended by health experts after running? It’s an amazing source of catechins, antioxidants beneficial for heart health. This also reduces the risks of cancer. 

Based on studies, this can reduce muscle damages and can result in a speedy recovery. In addition, it’s a good beverage if you are watching your weight. One study suggests that those who drink five cups of green tea every day for three months lose more belly fat, assuming that you also exercise. Just make sure that your tea is unsweetened.  



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