What are the Best Warm-Up Routines for Runners What are the Best Warm-Up Routines for Runners
We understand that most people are excited to run, and they would do so without a few warm-up routines. Sure, you won’t have problems... What are the Best Warm-Up Routines for Runners

We understand that most people are excited to run, and they would do so without a few warm-up routines. Sure, you won’t have problems in the first days, but not doing so can take a toll on your health in the long run. 

In this post, allow us to share the common warm-up activities that you should do as a runner. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur runner or a professional. These things are a must if you want to run for a long time – without having to endure injuries. 

Slowly Walk 

Before going all out, you can start by walking slowly. This should take you around three to five minutes. It’s a great low-intensity activity that can help you ease your body. Just by doing this, you are bringing the temperature of your muscles and core up, plus it improves your blood flow. 

Walking is also perfect if you were injured before and wanting to go back to running. 

Arm Circles 

This is an extremely easy warm-up routine you can do, so there should be no excuse. What you simply need to do is to stand, shoulder-width apart. 

Lift your arms until both reach shoulder height with your palms down. Start making small circles in one direction for half a minute. When done, switch direction and repeat the steps for another 30 seconds. 

Side Step 

Another warm-up routine you can do before running is the sidestep. Basically, you just need to step to the side for around twenty meters to your right and do the same to the left. You will eventually feel that your muscles and warming up and you can increase the intensity and cover more area with fewer side steps. 

Hip Opener 

While standing, you can start bending your right knee and lift it to your hip level. After that, you can rotate your knee out to 90 degrees. Try to place your hand on top of your knee for stability. Slowly bring your leg to the front and lower your foot. Once you are done, do the same on the other leg. You can repeat this routine for 30 seconds. 

Squats Plus Hip Rotation

Fire up your glutes with this warm-up routine. First, you should stand shoulder-width apart. From here, do a squat and lift your knee toward your chest. You can then circle it outward so that you can open your hips. Bring your foot back down and do another squat. Do the same on your other leg and repeat it for one minute.  

Again, warming up has a lot of benefits. No matter how little time you have, make sure that you do pre-running activities. Yet, you should always consult your doctor before you start running. And don’t forget to invest in a good pair of running shoes. A lot of amateur runners think it isn’t necessary to buy a good pair but ended up with bad injuries. Don’t let this happen. 

In addition, don’t try running for long miles if you just bought a new pair of running shoes. As always, take it for a road test and gradually increase your distance or speed. 



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