Is your exercise routine toxic? Is your exercise routine toxic?
If you must know, unhealthy exercise routines could happen, and it happens a lot! The thing is, you might not be aware of it.... Is your exercise routine toxic?

If you must know, unhealthy exercise routines could happen, and it happens a lot! The thing is, you might not be aware of it. You can find more information about this topic from here.

What is a toxic exercise culture

  • You think of exercise as just a means to lose weight
  • Having one image of what is ‘fit.’
  • You think that you are not working hard if you don’t get thin
  • Trainers that provide the same fitness routine regardless of the body type
  • Trainers who will not allow you to stop even if you are in obvious pain
  • It’s also wrong to think that you are on the right track when you are in pain

Effects of toxic exercise culture

what is a toxic exercise?


Have you ever heard of anorexia athletica and exercise bulimia?

Anorexia Athletica

This means that you are over-exercising, and you have this obsession with a specific body type and image. A person suffering from this condition always think about calories, and they base their self-worth on their performance. Lastly, they do not feel any excitement or joy when they work out or exercise.
The condition could lead to bone and muscle injuries. Expect to have torn ligaments and fractures if you do not take this seriously. It’s also possible to have arthritis, cardiovascular problems, and even liver failure.

Exercise Bulimia

If bulimia nervosa means binge eating and purging, exercise bulimia is overexercising to burn the calories and fats. If you are suffering from this condition, you feel anxious or guilty whenever you don’t work out. Some of them see their bodies differently from what is actual. In some cases, they get angry when people say that they are over-exercising.

Generally, exercising too much can also weaken your immune system.


When women work out more than what is recommended, it could also affect their reproductive health. Amenorrhea is a condition where menstruation does not occur.

All of these conditions are bad for one’s health. You might look skinny or achieve that ‘ideal’ weight, but you are weak in reality.

Questions to ask yourself

To see if you have a toxic relationship with exercise, you can ask yourself the following.

What will happen if I don’t exercise?

For example, if you don’t work out for a few days or a week, how do you feel? Does it bother you too much? Do you feel bad? Do you always think of your next work out routine? If yes, then it could lead to potential problems.

Is it ok to schedule a rest day?

There are days when we need to skip exercising for various reasons. Perhaps, something urgent came up, or your body is in pain. Once again, if you feel uneasy because you missed your workout schedule, you have to reassess your relationship with exercise. Chances are, it isn’t healthy anymore.

What is your reason for exercising?

According to experts, if you think of exercise as just a means to look good or to alter your body, then that is not a healthy mindset.


Unfortunately, most people associate exercising or body movements to looking good. Remember, it is more than that. Exercising should also a way to keep your mental state healthy. If it doesn’t, then you have to reframe your thoughts. And for severe cases, professional help is necessary.



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