10 Reasons why we are excited about the upcoming Polar Online Race 2020 10 Reasons why we are excited about the upcoming Polar Online Race 2020
If you are an active person, you are probably missing fun runs and marathons. And so when our team heard about Polar Online Race... 10 Reasons why we are excited about the upcoming Polar Online Race 2020

If you are an active person, you are probably missing fun runs and marathons. And so when our team heard about Polar Online Race 2020, we became extremely excited. It’s a break from being a couch potato for the longest time.

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The Polar Online Race 2020 will run from August 1 to August 31, 2020, and you can do it anytime and anywhere you like. Joining this virtual race is easy as 123.

All you have to do is to select your course, track your activity ( psst … if you have a Polar Flow/Polar Beat account, you will stand a higher chance of winning!) or any other chosen app listed below:

  • Strava
  • MapMyRun
  • RunKeeper
  • Runtastic
  • Polar Flow
  • Polar Beat
  • iPhone Health
  • Endomondo
  • Nike Run Club
  • Healthy 365
  • GetGreat
  • Healthy 365
  • Any pedometer
  • Other running apps

Upload your results on the run as you accumulate the distance throughout the month of August. In order to win great prizes, you will have to run at least 5-15km on any trails when you are choosing the respective categories to participate: eligible to any participants with shipping address in Southeast Asia countries only.

You can find more details from this website 

What do you get from joining Polar Online Race 2020

This hybrid race has a lot to offer to both novice and professional runners. It allows runners to choose whether they want to run on the road or do more extreme running in the trails. The flexibility is just priceless. But of course, the experience is only a part of what you can get from Polar Online Race 2020. When you finish your race, you will receive the following:

  • Medal
  • T-shirt
  • e-Badge
  • e-Bib
  • e-Cert

And if you have a shipping address in South East Asia countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indo, Philippines and Brunei), you are eligible to win amazing prizes, including this new Polar Grit X Watch. What a motivation, right?

Reasons why we want to join Polar Online Race 2020

We also want to share with you why most of us will join the Polar Online Race 2020.  And yes, we are pretty excited!

1. We get to be active

First of all, this is the best time to be active again. For weeks or even months, most of us stayed at home. And while we wanted to be active, Netflix and the couch can be a deadly combo. However, knowing that there is a race with attractive finisher entitlements, this race provided us with a source of motivation to run. Some of us even dusted off the treadmill!

2. No need to wake up early

What we also love about Polar Online Race 2020 (or any similar virtual races for that matter) is that you don’t have to wake up early. If you must know, some of us are nocturnal, and we would rather stay active at night. So this race is perfect for us.

3.  It’s another motivation

The finisher entitlements and the prizes are just added motivation. But in reality, finishing a race, whether an actual or a virtual one, gives you that sense of accomplishment that might not have been felt ever since the global lockdown.

4. It unites people from different places

At HealthLoco, we have employees from different parts of the globe. Joining this race is like having a virtual team building. Hopefully, the best one from our team would be given a separate prize (wink at boss).

5. We can do it whenever and wherever convenient

The beauty of Polar Online Race 2020 is that you get to do it whenever and wherever you like. Do you think running on the road is too easy for you? Then go ahead and try the trails. Do you want to spend more time on a treadmill? Then feel free to do so.

6. Competing with ourselves

When you run on your own, the only competition is with yourself. This is good because your main goal is self-improvement. And we all need this after being at home for quite some time.

7.  Weather changes will not be an issue

We’ve joined a couple of races in the past where we had to endure extreme heat. At times, we had to run while raining. With this virtual race, you get to choose the best time and weather to run.

8. It’s a good preparation for the bigger races

Some of us are preparing for bigger races in the future. This virtual type could help us without adding too much stress.

9. The medal is a plus

Well, who doesn’t want a medal? Again, it’s an accomplishment and tangible proof that you didn’t give up. Plus, the unique design of the medals could add character to your home. Check out all the designs here.

10. The prizes are awesome!

Do we have to repeat this? The prize is just too amazing to ignore. We are personally eyeing the new Polar Grit X. But the Polar Vantage and Polar Ignite are great too!

What are you waiting for?

HealthLoco Tip: Register together with your families, friends, and even neighbours to save on the shipping cost! Pay ONE shipping fee for UNLIMITED registrations to the same address. Sign up here.

Registration ends on July 31, 2020, or while slots last.




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