Taking care of older adults this pandemic Taking care of older adults this pandemic
We all know that older adults are more vulnerable this time. And that is why we must equip ourselves with the best knowledge on... Taking care of older adults this pandemic

We all know that older adults are more vulnerable this time. And that is why we must equip ourselves with the best knowledge on how we can take care of them. What measures should we follow? How can we ensure that our older adults this pandemic stay mentally fit?

Here’s a brief article that can help you.

Older adults and pandemic

Apparently, the best thing to do right now is to practice social distancing. But that too can take a toll on our mental health, most especially for older adults. According to experts, being socially isolated is like smoking 15 cigarettes every single day.

How to help older adults during COVID-19?

Introduce them to technology

First of all, you have to make them embrace technology even more. Provide them their own smartphones or tablets so that they could stay connected. Teach them how to start video calls in case they want to call their loved ones or friends.

If possible, have a daily routine or calling them up. But just in case they are not ready for smartphones and similar gadgets, a traditional phone call can do the trick. Just let them know that you want them safe. This can make a lot of difference.

Fortunately, more people are taking this approach. In fact, in the US, there’s an app called Getsetup. Their objective is to provide online classes for seniors or the elderly. And right now, there is a surge of downloads.

Create an activity plan for them

Additionally, you can create an activity or day plan for them. This can include non-gadget activities. Why don’t you ask them to help you grow an indoor vegetable garden? Or perhaps, encourage older adults to stay physically active. Download an app where they could copy the moves. Maybe, check YouTube videos. There are a lot of YouTubers creating content for older adults. These will greatly help them.

Supply them with nutritious foods and basic necessities

Of course, this is not just during the pandemic. However, they need nutritious foods now more than ever. Always ensure that they have an ample supply of their prescription at home.

We’ve seen a number of photos and videos from different parts of the world where older people are having difficulties doing their grocery shopping. Some of them couldn’t even go out considering the long queues. What others are doing is that there is a special lane for elderlies. Other establishments dedicate specific times only for older adults.

Support healthcare and social workers

Whenever possible, let’s provide assistance and support to our healthcare and social workers for older adults. We need to give them special attention and hear their needs in order for them to help the elderly the best possible way.

how to take care of older adults during COVID-19


As much as we all want to think of ourselves to fight off Coronavirus, we also have to consider the older adults. They need us badly considering their health and age limitations. It’s not hard to do our part. Good thing that we have the technology to help us out.



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