Maintaining Relationship During Social Distancing Maintaining Relationship During Social Distancing
Social distancing has been implemented globally to slow down the effects of Coronavirus. Apparently, that is the best solution we have right now while... Maintaining Relationship During Social Distancing

Social distancing has been implemented globally to slow down the effects of Coronavirus. Apparently, that is the best solution we have right now while the experts are still working on vaccines and medicines. But of course, we do understand that social distancing can be hard for most people. Some of us crave that connection to stay mentally and emotionally fit. How do we address this?

Technology and Social Distancing

If you are going to think about, our generation is still considered lucky with the technology we have right now. If you have read our previous articles, we talked about drones and how it is helping people during the pandemic. Yet again, technology has more to offer, and that is by connecting us even if we are physically away from each other.

Video Calls Instead of Plain Chat

We highly recommend that you do video calls instead of just plain message sending. This allows us to see the nonverbal behaviors of other people and it’s a better way to communicate. You can feel their happiness, or you can even sense their frustration with what is happening around them. And in the latter case, you can offer the right messages and words to say.

Just imagine if you are video chatting with your families or your grandparents in particular. Wouldn’t it be great to see their mannerisms and how they laugh every time you crack a joke? While we can’t do it in person, doing it virtually can ease the longingness.

What to do during lockdown?

Remember the Following When Doing Video Calls

What are the following things that you have to consider when doing video calls?

Be Positive

As much as you can, try to be positive. Make your calls uplifting. This is beneficial if you know someone who’s experiencing anxiety. However, do not downplay what they feel. Acknowledge that feeling nervous in these trying times is actually normal. Or if you are someone who’s on the other end of the spectrum, be open about your feelings. Your loved ones will know how to make you feel better. Their mere existence (even virtually) should calm you down.

Forget That You Are on Virtual Mode

When we do video calls, sometimes we do not talk to other people the same way we would offline. But let’s remove that barrier from now and be more open. Discuss relationships if you must and listen actively. Try not to be distracted with other things like your phone or Netflix. Converse naturally. If you are in a romantic relationship or you are missing someone, say that you love them. It’s always good to be reminded that you are special.

Chat Groups

You might want to maintain having that shared network with your friends and families. It’s easier to connect and you can share more relatable things. Say, for example, our grandparents. Some of them own their smartphones but lack knowledge on how to maximize it. Add them to your groups and teach them how to stay connected with the younger generations. Send old family photos and you would be surprised how much fun it would be.

Activities While Video Chatting

It doesn’t have to be all conversation when you do video calls. In fact, you can watch movies together, and talk about it after. How about doing a virtual date? Set up your table and pretend you’re in a restaurant. That might be odd, but fun too. You can even take online classes and have a discussion when you’re done. There are so many creative ways on how you can use video chatting to genuinely connect. Use it to your advantage.



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