How drones can help us in COVID-19 pandemic How drones can help us in COVID-19 pandemic
For the longest time, drones were used to take amazing shots and videos. It’s heavily marketed for recreational purposes. But with the COVID-19 pandemic,... How drones can help us in COVID-19 pandemic

For the longest time, drones were used to take amazing shots and videos. It’s heavily marketed for recreational purposes. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, drones have proven that they are more than just toys for the big boys.

Using drones during the pandemic

To disinfect

Obviously, disinfection is important to fight off the virus. Now, with drones, we can sterilize different areas even without actual people going into these places. It’s safe and the scope is even wider. A lot of countries are using it already.

To detect temperature

Did you know that drones can be used to detect one’s temperature? And it doesn’t limit to that. With advanced technology, we can also monitor heart and respiratory rates. With this, researchers will be able to identify the spread of the virus in public places such as airports.

To deliver food

We can also maximize these drones in delivering foods. It’s a great idea since the demand for essential items is consistent. But we have to avoid direct contact as much as we can. Thus, the use of drones is one of the best and most practical approaches.

To help in community surveillance

A lot of areas right now are in lockdown. And the government is serious in implementing these measures. However, some people are still trying to go out even if not necessary. This, of course, increases the risk of getting infected. With drones, you can easily see what’s happening in a specific area. You can quickly spot violators. Sending drones before people is more logical given the widespread of the virus.

In addition, drones can help in broadcasting messages. If you want to announce that everyone has to stay home, you don’t need a lot of manpower for it.

To help in medical deliveries

how can drones help in medical field

Since the virus has drastically increased the need for laboratory testing, the medical delivery system has to improve as well. It is now faster to transport samples from hospitals to laboratories. In addition, protective gears can be easily distributed in different places.

Do you know how fast these drones can deliver? At an average, it can cover a distance of 12 kilometers in just 8 minutes. And that’s 80 times faster than a standard or traditional delivery. Talk about being efficient!

Final thoughts

In these trying times, we have to maximize our resources. Our frontliners need to be protected as well. If we can limit all direct contacts from infected people, then so be it. And with drones, you can certainly do that. The challenging thing here is assembling the right drones for its specific purposes. Also, there might be parts that are not yet readily available. Hopefully, this can be addressed as soon as possible.

This isn’t the first time that drones have helped in health-related situations. Spraying drones have been used to fight off Malaria as well. We have to be thankful that such technology exists. Imagine how the logistics will be without drones. More people will certainly suffer.

Can you share more ideas on how our current technology has helped in this pandemic? If you have fresh ideas that are of value, please share it with us.



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