Dalgona coffee, why is it trending now? Dalgona coffee, why is it trending now?
Dalgona coffee. You have probably seen your friends posting their own version of this beverage. But what’s the real deal behind this trendiest coffee... Dalgona coffee, why is it trending now?

Dalgona coffee. You have probably seen your friends posting their own version of this beverage. But what’s the real deal behind this trendiest coffee in social media right now? We’ve done a bit of research and here are some of the things we found out.

Dalgona quick facts

  • It originated in South Korea. Originally, it’s a Korean street candy somehow similar to toffee.
  • You only need three ingredients (instant coffee, sugar, hot water). We excluded the milk here.
  • The popularity started mid-March of 2020 (almost the same time when most countries implemented shelter-in-place measures).

How to make your own Dalgona coffee

  • Prepare equal parts of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water.
  • Whipped it until you have the creamy texture.
  • Add it on top of your milk.
  • Enjoy.

If you want to exercise your arms, then do it manually. Although, we’ve been seeing posts of those who tried this technique and it wasn’t easy. So it’s your call!

The popularity of this coffee can be attributed to the fact that the ingredients and the process are easy. Plus, it’s Instagram-worthy. We all know how most people can go ‘loco’ for anything picture-perfect.

Best Alternative to Dalgona Coffee

Now, if you are not a coffee fan, there are alternatives that are becoming equally popular.


Dalgona coffee alternative

You need the following ingredients.

  • white sugar
  • water
  • egg whites
  • matcha powder
  • milk

Chocolate drink

Instead of coffee, you can use Cholocate drink instead. If you have your chocolate-flavored protein powder, try it out and let’s see if it will work out fine. Or for your kids, you can just get their chocolate milk drink and start whipping. Just don’t let them get addicted.

And just in case these drinks are still not according to your liking, then you can always go back to the safer and healthier option, fruit smoothie! Try to experiment and who knows if your ‘concoction’ will be the next quarantine trend?

What are the other quarantine trends you should try?

Since most people are finding ways to kill boredom, we’ll have a quick list of the quarantine trends you can try out for yourself.


Are you already doing Tiktok? While some people think it’s embarrassing and downright stupid, we believe otherwise. It’s actually a fun way to entertain yourself and your friends. Do some silly yet hard dances. Come to think of it, you are actually working out!

Baking healthy bread

Did you know that ‘bread’ is one of the most searched topics in Google right now? That’s not surprising as more people are learning how to make their own bread. This is good because you can work on healthier versions compared to store-bought ones.

Online parties

And yes, Zoom is literally zooming with all the online conferences and meetings happening around the globe. But you see, the platform isn’t only being used for business. Even families, friends, and religious sects are using Zoom to connect. In fact, some groups have already ‘partied’ online and it proved to improve their mental state. Remember, isolation can be depressing at times. At least with technology, you can prevent that.

It isn’t bad to join the bandwagon for now as we all need to be connected. At least we can maintain that sense of belongingness even if only through crazy dances, failed attempts to bake, and frothy coffees.



Barbara is a young mother of 2 adorable kids whom she enjoyed playing with. She started living healthy when she realized that she has to keep up with her kids' energy. On her free time, she writes, sings, and tries to cook pancake for her children.

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