Best skin care for older women Best skin care for older women
Every one of us will eventually age. And yes, some people are afraid of it. The thought of sagging skin, a lot of wrinkles,... Best skin care for older women

Every one of us will eventually age. And yes, some people are afraid of it. The thought of sagging skin, a lot of wrinkles, and gaining weight are just too much for them. But of course, will that stop you from looking good? As always, you have to take care of yourself – most especially if you are already in your 50s and above.

In this particular article, we will share with you some of the best skin care tips for older women. After all,¬†it wouldn’t hurt to look younger than your actual age. Would it?

Don’t forget your sunscreen every single day

We know that you’ve been hearing this since you were 20 years old. But yes, this is still true even when you reach your golden years. You have to choose a quality sunscreen that has at least 40SPF. Also, it is important to note that you have to wear it regardless if it is sunny or rainy. Reapply as necessary. Lastly, you must also put some on your hands. Apparently, these can get wrinkly too. Here are some of the best sunscreens in the market today:

  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Water Resistant
  • Alba Botanica Sunscreen Spray with Coconut Oil
  • Coppertone SPORT Continuous Sunscreen Spray Broad Spectrum

Choose the right products for your skin

Maybe you’ve heard from your friends that a specific skin product works for them. Don’t be too excited to get your supply. Remember, we all have different skin types and it should be addressed by the right products. As always, it is best to consult a professional or a dermatologist to at least know your skin type. And since you are already aging, they might recommend special products perfect for you.

The power of exfoliation

It is crucial that you exfoliate, most especially as we age. If you must know, the outer layer of our skin is a roof of dead skin. As we get older, this thickens. Thus, it is recommended that you exfoliate your face and your entire body weekly.

If using store-bought products aren’t your thing, you can actually make your own. You can use honey, yogurt, or sugar. These things are readily available in your kitchen and should do you good. If you want, you can add lemon juice and papaya in your next grocery list. These two can also be natural agents for exfoliating your body.

Hydrate yourself

As always, you have to hydrate yourself. Make it a habit to keep a tumbler with you. At least you have your supply of water, and you don’t have to buy single-use plastic bottles. With this, you are saving your skin and you are saving the world.

Have fun

And lastly, just enjoy life. If you always feel happy and you have a positive outlook in life, it will definitely show on your skin.

Skin care tips for women over 50

Even with our tips above, we want you to know (as cliche as this may sound), that you are beautiful. Your story and the wisdom which you have obtained throughout the years define your real beauty. And while we can always delay aging with the skin care tips, what you have within is something no one can take away from you.



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