Everything you need to know about vape Everything you need to know about vape
A lot of people are using vapes as a replacement for smoking. But is it really safe? Or the dangers are almost the same?... Everything you need to know about vape

A lot of people are using vapes as a replacement for smoking. But is it really safe? Or the dangers are almost the same? What is there to know about vaping? What are the health risks? In this short article, we will share with you the facts about vaping.

In the US alone, 39 deaths and 3000 lung injuries have been linked to vaping. This is based on a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump is now thinking of banning all flavored e-cigarettes after the reported lung diseases.

Other countries such as Thailand, Brazil, and India have banned to use of e-cigarettes.

is vaping safe?

Vaping in the United Kingdom

The case is different in the United Kingdom. There are no reported deaths and health officials are still promoting e-cigarettes to be effective in quitting traditional smoking.

Vitamin E acetate

It is believed that the vitamin E acetate that is added to some THC vaping liquids can be the culprit for the illnesses. This oily chemical was found in every patient’s lung.

Vaping better than smoking?

This has been a debatable topic for years and let’s see what’s the truth behind it.

You see, e-cigarettes or vapes allow its users to inhale nicotine instead of breathing the smoke. On the other hand, cigarettes burn tobacco and produce carbon monoxide and tar. According to experts, vaping is less harmful than conventional cigarettes.

While this is advisable for smokers so that they can say goodbye to their vice, non-smokers should not try vaping in the first place.

Risks of Vaping

Vaping is not without risks.

According to reports, it has been linked to heart ailments and pneumonia. However, Public Health England shared that the reason why there are lung-related cases in America is because of the ‘illicit vaping fluid’ that they buy from the streets. It was stated that these fluids contain cannabis.

The main difference between the US and the UK is that the latter has stricter regulations about vaping. In addition, they highly encourage users to report any discomfort or bad experience when they vape.

The thing is, vaping is relatively new and we still need to further understand the long-term effects of the chemicals used in it.

Heart diseases and nicotine

Nicotine is addictive and is also a toxic substance. It can cause your blood pressure to rise and it can spike your adrenaline. This can lead to a heart attack.

Teeth and gum issues

There are a few studies claiming that vaping can cause negative effects on the user’s teeth and gums.¬† Your teeth’s surfaces are likely to develop bacteria and can increase the risk of cavities.

Targeting the younger generation

The danger of vaping is that it is widely available and easily accessible. That is why even young ones and teens are getting hooked up. Yet again, we would like to emphasize that vaping is not without risks. It is not good if we expose the young generation as early as now.

Feel free to share your ideas and start a healthy conversation about vaping. We want to know more, and we would like other people to be enlightened.



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