Best exercises for pregnant women Best exercises for pregnant women
When you are pregnant, sometimes it’s really hard to move, right? It’s as if the gravity is twice as stronger. But that doesn’t mean... Best exercises for pregnant women

When you are pregnant, sometimes it’s really hard to move, right? It’s as if the gravity is twice as stronger. But that doesn’t mean you should stay on your bed for the whole day. If you must know, exercising is beneficial for you and your baby. Thing is, not all exercises are recommended for pregnant women. That is why we have created this post for you. This list will show you which ones are safe for your condition.

Advantages of exercising when you are pregnant

Let us discuss first the benefits of exercising when you are expecting a baby.

  • Improves your mood
  • Reduces pregnancy symptoms such as constipation, morning sickness, and fatigue
  • Helps in postpartum recovery

Exercises for pregnant women

According to experts, pregnant women should exercise at least thirty minutes per day. You don’t need to be on the treadmill for the full 30 minutes, if that’s too hard for you. Perhaps, you can have a ten-minute walk, three times a day. If you want more tips on which exercises to do, scroll down further.

Get your walking shoes

what are the best exercises for pregnant women?

Walking should be the first one on this list simply because, it’s too easy. Plus, you don’t need special equipment to walk. It’s so safe, you can even do this even before your delivery date. The thing is, you need to consider your surroundings. Maybe you live in a city where pollution is rampant. Make sure that you have your mask on or walk in a place where the air is fresh.

You can also run but don’t go for hard trails.

Why don’t you go for a swim?

Yes, swimming will do you good. It’s actually recommended in order to reduce puffy ankles and sciatic pain. However, we don’t encourage you to use the public pool as it can be unhygienic. Plus, make sure that you take extra caution when going down the pool. It can be too slippery and you might need someone to assist or guide you.

Get dancing

Do you love to dance? Great news because you can still do it even with a growing baby bump. Low-impact exercises will actually do you good. You can even join groups and have fun. Again, being pregnant can sometimes make you feel emotional. Exercising should release more endorphins and it can make you happy.

How about some indoor cycling?

If you don’t have time to go out and you think it’s too dangerous out there, then indoor cycling is a good choice. And while you’re at it, then maybe you can watch pregnancy videos too. At least you are maximizing your time while working out. Which brands are best for you? Here are the highly recommended ones:

  • Schwinn Recumbent Bike
  • Marcy Recumbent Bike with Resistance
  • Vanswe Recumbent Exercise Bike

Before you do the above recommendations, it is always best to seek approval from your doctor. This is to make sure that you are safe and that your body can bear the activities. Plus, you always have to listen to your body. Just in case you feel something odd while exercising, please stop and call someone right away.



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