How to know if you have scoliosis How to know if you have scoliosis
Let’s just be clear. In order to conclude that you have scoliosis, it is best to consult an expert. They should be able to... How to know if you have scoliosis

Let’s just be clear. In order to conclude that you have scoliosis, it is best to consult an expert. They should be able to tell you the severity of your condition and the help that you need. But generally, there are early signs that are quite noticeable.

What are the signs of scoliosis in kids?

  • The head doesn’t look like it is at the center
  • One shoulder is higher than the other
  • One hip looks higher
  • There are rib humps or bumps

What are the signs of scoliosis in adults?

how to know if you have scoliosis

Remember that if not given priority, the curvature of the spine might get worse as we age. Without proper care, adults with scoliosis might experience chronic back pain and even headaches. Here are other signs you have to watch out for:

  • Numbness and pain in the legs
  • Decrease in height
  • Uneven hips or shoulders
  • Having a hard time walking
  • Cannot stand for a long time
  • Having a hard time sitting for several minutes
  • Bump in the lower back

How to take care of yourself if you have scoliosis?

Practice yoga

But wait, before you get your mat and do some poses, you have to be really careful. For people with scoliosis, it is better to do low-impact yoga. When you practice it, you would soon see its benefits not just for relieving pain but for your overall health. In addition, you should work with a certified instructor to avoid hurting yourself.

Get quality mattress and pillows

You might think that this is a crazy idea but getting a good mattress and pillows can do you good. Imagine enduring a bed that will not support your back? It can really make your condition worse. Some people would use memory foam, while others like firmer kinds. You can actually experiment and see which type will do you better. Also, you can ask your doctor for his recommendations.

Have a good pair of shoes

Do not underestimate the power of good shoes. Compare your shoes as the foundation of a building. You wouldn’t want something that is of bad quality, right? You see, it doesn’t have to be expensive or manufactured by luxurious brands. Just test it first and walk for a few meters to see if it is comfortable.

Invest a good chair

We are talking about ergonomics. You might want to influence your management to make your workplace and furniture safe for everyone. This includes replacing chairs that cannot support your back well. If it isn’t included in the budget yet, then maybe you can invest on your own in the meantime. After all, it’s even more expensive if you don’t take care of your spine.

Do you need surgery when you have scoliosis?

Most of the time, you don’t need surgery. But you have to regularly get checkups and sometimes, you need to wear a scoliosis brace. This is so you can stop the progression of scoliosis.

Now, not all scoliosis braces in Singapore are created equal. However, we have found the best in the market. You have to check Align Brace as they could provide you custom-made braces that use outstanding technology. It’s really a game-changer and a lot of people in Singapore with scoliosis are using it already.




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