Recommended post-workout foods Recommended post-workout foods
Since you are on your way to your healthiest version, it is essential that you know the right post-workout foods. Some people focus on... Recommended post-workout foods

Since you are on your way to your healthiest version, it is essential that you know the right post-workout foods. Some people focus on what they eat before they exercise, but you should also consider what you have to eat after a sweaty and tiring session at the gym. If you have no clue what to prepare, then this post is definitely for you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a chef to prepare the following.

Right post-workout foods

Before we start with our list, let us remind you that eating protein and carbs after you exercise has a lot of benefits. It can stimulate the growth of new muscles and it can rebuild your muscle proteins. So yes, you don’t have an excuse to eat that huge slice of sinister pizza.

Ricotta cheese

Here’s a tasty treat which will not make you guilty. How about¬†stirring park-skim ricotta cheese and vanilla extract? Don’t forget to add your berries and granola. We tell you, it’s a taste of heaven.

Sweet potato

After working out, it is suggested to eat foods that are rich in carbs. We have sweet potato, fruits, and grains. This is important so that the immune system will not drop drastically after an intense session. If you are going to eat sweet potato, you can add applesauce to give it an interesting flavor.

Whole eggs

Did you know that eating eggs can help you get that dream body you are longing for? What you can do is to mix hard-boiled eggs with plain greek yogurt. Add a pinch salt to give it a taste. Make it as your regular spread and you are good to go.

Green juice

We know that we are talking about food, but preparing healthy drinks can do you good as well. Why not try this green juice which is a mixture of spinach, kale, tomato, carrots, banana, blueberries, and almond milk. Yes, a lot is going on but you’d realize that the benefits are way better than drinking a glass of beer.

Smoked salmon

If you want to reduce the risk of soreness after exercising, you can actually have smoked salmon. Mackerel and sardines are good substitutes as well. Be creative and use whole grain wrap for a quick yet healthy snack.

Scrambled eggs and avocado toast

Do you have time to prepare a toast? If yes, then get your eggs and avocado for some amazing toast. By now you know that eggs are a good source of protein while avocado is a source of good fats. You might want to try this if you exercise in the morning.

Peanut butter shake

what to eat after exercising

Have you tried making a peanut butter shake? Just add banana and you have your instant protein drink. This can help in repairing your muscles. In addition, it reduces the risk of having cramps. Just make sure you are eating the right kind of peanut butter. Better get the natural ones to reap its maximum benefits.

For those who have already created a list of what to eat after working out, please share it with us and help our fellow health enthusiasts.



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