What to know about yogurt, is it healthy? What to know about yogurt, is it healthy?
Yogurt is healthy. We’re pretty sure you’ve seen or heard this before but have you asked yourself how much you know about it? This... What to know about yogurt, is it healthy?

Yogurt is healthy. We’re pretty sure you’ve seen or heard this before but have you asked yourself how much you know about it? This article will give you some of the most common benefits of consuming yogurt. At the same time, we’ll provide tips and other surprising facts about it.

Yogurt quick facts

  • If you must know, yogurt is made by fermenting milk with yogurt culture.
  • It is known to have probiotics or active living bacteria. This promotes healthy intestines.
  • Yogurt products which undergo heat treatment do not contain active bacteria.

What are the benefits of yogurt?

We recommend that you include yogurt in your grocery list. Here are the reasons why.

It helps in maintaining blood pressure

If you want to decrease the risk of having high blood pressure, we suggest that you consume yogurt regularly. According to one study, people who eat two to three servings of low-fat dairy per day can reduce the risk of high blood pressure by 50%.

It can boost your immune system

It is believed that yogurt can improve one’s resistance to infection. In fact, a research on older people shows that those who consume probiotics in fermented milk experience lower duration of illnesses.

It can help your gut

According to a number of studies, yogurt can help people most especially if you are suffering from gastrointestinal issues. It includes the following:

  • Constipation
  • Colon cancer
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Inflammatory bowel disease

However, please note that further studies are needed to prove this claim.

It helps in weight management

everything you need to know about yogurt

Eating yogurt can make you feel fuller. Thus, you won’t crave for food and you will eat less. This is advisable if you are trying to maintain or lose weight.

It prevents osteoporosis

Yogurts are also rich in calcium and it is essential if you want to prevent osteoporosis. Calcium can promote healthy bone mass and must be taken regularly.

It can help people with vaginal infections

If you must know, a lot of women with diabetes experience yeast vaginal infections or candida. Yogurt is actually recommended to cure or to avoid this condition.

Best healthy yogurt bowl ideas

Running out of ideas for your next yogurt treat? Here are some of the good ones and our personal favorites.

  • Mixed berries yogurt bowl
  • Blueberry granola yogurt bowl
  • Banana chai yogurt bowl
  • Chia peanut butter yogurt bowl
  • Passion fruit yogurt bowl
  • Kiwi blackberry yogurt bowl

What makes a yogurt unhealthy?

If you want to reap the maximum health benefits of yogurt, stay away from flavored ones which can be purchased in your local grocery store. It is still best to look for the plain ones. Also, try not to add toppings which are filled with sugar and are obviously fattening. This means, switch chocolates and candies to healthier toppings like unsweetened coconut or cinnamon.

Bottom line is, always read the labels and do not be fooled by advertisements. They might conceal and claim that their yogurt is healthy, but in reality, it isn’t. You have to outsmart them.



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