Everything there is to know about restless legs syndrome Everything there is to know about restless legs syndrome
This post will tell you what there is to know about Restless Legs Syndrome or (RLS). This is known as a disorder of the... Everything there is to know about restless legs syndrome

This post will tell you what there is to know about Restless Legs Syndrome or (RLS). This is known as a disorder of the nervous system wherein a person has that urge to move the legs. It is also considered a sleep disorder.

What are the symptoms of restless legs syndrome?

Below are the common signs that you are experiencing restless legs syndrome:

  • The urge to move the legs
  • Sensations in the legs which are usually uncomfortable (itchy, crawly, pins and needles)

Why do people get restless legs syndrome?

To date, doctors are still trying to identify the core cause of restless legs syndrome. But they believe that this can be genetic. Other causes are listed below:


There are a number of medications which are said to cause this condition. If you are taking antidepressants, antipsychotic, and even allergy medications, then it is said to worsen the symptoms.


A number of pregnant women reported that they experienced RLS on the last trimester of their pregnancy. But you don’t have to worry because the symptoms usually end one month before the delivery.

Chronic diseases

There are certain medical conditions that may contribute to having restless legs syndrome. It can be due to kidney failure, iron deficiency, and Parkinson’s disease.

how to treat restless legs syndrome

How to know if you have restless legs syndrome?

As of today, there is no specific medical test that can diagnose restless legs syndrome. What doctors do is they conduct exams including blood tests in order to rule out other medical issues. The diagnosis is based on family history, current health conditions, and of course, the symptoms.

How to manage restless legs syndrome

You can try natural remedies to manage the symptoms. We have listed the best ones to choose from:

Exercise regularly

You should target at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. However, make sure you are not forcing your joints as this can worsen your condition. You can also do pilates, yoga, and cycling.

Have a good sleeping habit

Never underestimate the power of good sleep. It’s about time to turn off your gadgets and go to dreamland as early as you can.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

This is a no-brainer. You have to say goodbye to vices and live a healthier lifestyle.

Have a leg massage

Just ensure that you will ask a professional to do the massage for you.  

Use heat and cold treatment

A hot and cold compress can alleviate the symptoms. Make sure you have these ready at your home.

Can you take medications for your restless legs syndrome?

There are different drugs that can help you with RLS. However, it is important that you consult your doctor first. It might not be suitable for you and might cause further health issues. But for the purposes of informing our readers, here are the medications usually prescribed to people with RLS.

  • Antiseizure drugs
  • Dopaminergic drugs
  • Narcotic pain relievers
  • Benzodiazepines

Have you experienced this? Were you able to successfully manage it? If yes, please comment and share it with others.



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