Best exercises for people with asthma Best exercises for people with asthma
People with asthma should also exercise given its long term effects to their health. But what routines will work best for them? If you... Best exercises for people with asthma

People with asthma should also exercise given its long term effects to their health. But what routines will work best for them? If you have an asthma, this post is definitely for you. We will give you some practical tips and tricks on how you can stay active even with your health condition.

What are the benefits of proper exercises to people with asthma?

Here are some of the benefits of exercising even if you have asthma:

  • It can result in weight loss and this is essential to reduce the occurrence of asthma attacks.
  • Your immune system will also improve and you can avoid respiratory infections.
  • Your lungs will function better and this can improve your stamina.
  • It can definitely improve your mood and can reduce the levels of stress.
  • Your energy level will get better day after day.
  • The blood sugar level will be healthy.

The list can go on for days but the bottom line is, exercising is good for you.

Choosing the best exercises for your condition

Don’t let your condition stop you from living an active life. But of course, we don’t want to put you in danger. Before you do the exercises or activities listed below, it is recommended that you check it first with your doctor. Get their go-signal before engaging in any of your chosen activity.

Think about swimming

When you swim, it can improve how you control your breathing. You can start doing a few lapses and then add more when you feel that your body and lungs can bear it. But please listen to your body. If you feel tired and you are running out of breath, rest or stop.

Why don’t you try doing yoga?

best work out for asthma

When you practice yoga, you are focusing on your breathing. This is amazing because proper breathing can help in reducing stress levels. In addition, it can make your lungs stronger. If you choose this activity, you might want to enrol in a yoga class so you can be supervised by a professional.

Time to go for a hike

It is also good that you experience the outdoors. Why don’t you invite your friends for a quick hike? If possible, you can go camping. Nature can really do wonders and we bet it will do you good. Your lungs need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. It needs the freshest air possible.

How about walking?

If you are not ready for other activities, then you can start by simply walking. Just wear your comfortable walking shoes and do it for around thirty minutes a day. Don’t forget to bring your water. Plus, we don’t recommend that you go out during extreme weathers.

Ditch the elevator

If you are working in an office which requires you to use the elevator, why don’t you use the stairs instead? Leave at least three floors for you to walk.

Start slowly and then gradually increase the intensity of your activity. You would soon notice the difference.

If you have an asthma, what do you do to stay physically active?



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