Getting past a weight loss plateau Getting past a weight loss plateau
Hitting your ideal weight is not that easy. While you can shed off a few pounds during the first months, there will come a... Getting past a weight loss plateau

Hitting your ideal weight is not that easy. While you can shed off a few pounds during the first months, there will come a time that your weight will remain the same even with the same ‘weight loss’ efforts. This is called weight loss plateau and more often than not, it can be frustrating. Other people would even stop their entire diet thinking that it is useless.

The thing is, you can do something about it. In fact, we are here to give you some of the techniques to break that annoying weight loss plateau.

How to deal with weight loss stall or plateau?

Say goodbye to carbs

A lot of studies have proved that cutting down on your carb intake can really help in your weight loss journey. It is said to improve your metabolism and can actually reduce your appetite. Having said that, you will not crave for food which can result in an improved weight.

Monitor what you eat

We know that it is quite a tedious task to check the calories per meal. However, this can essentially help you if you want to lose weight. Track the calories and the macronutrients and see which ones you have to cut down. Here are some apps that you can use:

  • MyFitnessPal
  • FatSecret
  • Lose It!

Increase the frequency and intensity of your exercise

When you lose weight, your metabolic rate also slows down. So if you will not change or increase the frequency of your routine, you won’t expect changes in your weight over time. Simply put, you have to level up your game. It’s about time that you add hours to your work out session.

Improve your protein intake

If you experience weight loss plateau, it is recommended that you consume more protein. This can help with your metabolism.

Stay away from stress

When you are stressed, it can actually contribute to not losing weight or even gaining additional pounds. Also, feeling down can often lead to food cravings. That is why we suggest that you learn how to meditate or to do activities that can lessen your stress level.

Say NO to alcohol

This is the perfect time to avoid your weekly booze session as alcohol will not help you if you wish to lose weight. When you drink alcohol, it loosens your inhibitions. When this happens, you make poor food choices and you tend to eat more.

Consume more fiber

On your next grocery shopping, we would suggest that you get more fiber and include it in your diet. This decreases the number of calories that one might absorb from other foods.

Choose the right beverages

how to stop weight loss plateau

You might want to say goodbye to your favorite frappe and sweet milkshakes. What you need right now are water, tea, and coffee. Experts even suggest that you drink water before your meals as this can lessen your food intake.

Sleep properly

Lastly, make sure that you get enough sleep. Not having enough can actually result to stalled weight loss. You’ve probably heard this before but you need at least seven hours of sleep per night.

Do you have more suggestions on how you can prevent weight loss plateau? Share your thoughts with us.       



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