Laughter is really your best medicine Laughter is really your best medicine
We often hear that laughter is the best medicine. But is there any truth in that? Or is it just a big fat lie?... Laughter is really your best medicine

We often hear that laughter is the best medicine. But is there any truth in that? Or is it just a big fat lie? Well, experts say that laughing can indeed improve one’s health. What exactly did they say? How can laughter help us with our lives?

Is laughter good for your health?

It helps you with your stress

Stress is known to fuel up a number of diseases. And that is why it is recommended to do activities that will reduce the level of your stress. Laughing is one of those. With this, you can strengthen your immune system, keeping you prepared and ready for illnesses that might come your way.

It tones your abs

Surprised? Yes, laughing can also help you improve your abs. When you laugh so hard, your stomach contracts. This is similar when you are trying to work out your abs. Who would have thought that being so happy can make you sexier?

It helps in the release of endorphins

Are you familiar with endorphins? These are known as our body’s natural painkillers. If you are experiencing chronic pain, having a good laugh can make you forget about it even for just a few moments.

It improves your blood pressure

When you laugh often, you minimize the risk of heart attack and stroke. And of course, don’t forget to eat healthy food to reach your optimum health.

What are the best activities to make you laugh?

Now that you know the benefits of laughing, what activities can you do to make you extremely happy?

Watch your favorite comedy movie or series

This is a no-brainer, right? If you have your all-time favorite movie, get a copy, or look at Netflix if it is available. Maybe you would be tempted to eat pizza and drink soda while watching. However, since we promote good health, you might want to choose healthier options like making your own veggie pizza and fresh juice.

Invite your friends over

Having a small get-together with your closest friends can bring you a good laugh (or hundreds for that matter). Why don’t you invite them over at home, prepare a healthy dinner, and pour a glass of wine for a good laugh? We’re pretty sure everyone would enjoy.

Look for funny memes

Most of us are online, right? Use that to your advantage by searching for the most hilarious memes on Facebook or on Instagram. Even a single photo can make you laugh for an hour so this is actually a good technique.

Watch stand-up comedy

This is actually one of our favorite hobbies whenever we are running out of good movies to watch. We look for the best stand-up comedians and laugh like there is no tomorrow. For Asians, we recommend Jokoy. His humor is just amazing!

Just act crazy

ways to laugh more

You don’t have to be that perfect person every single time. You know, it is sometimes good to be crazy, to act like a kid. It brings so much joy to your life. At the end of the day, it will give you reasons to smile and laugh.

There are actually a lot of ways to trigger laughter in your lives and we’re pretty sure by now you can think of it. Share it with us.



Barbara is a young mother of 2 adorable kids whom she enjoyed playing with. She started living healthy when she realized that she has to keep up with her kids' energy. On her free time, she writes, sings, and tries to cook pancake for her children.

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