Best exercises for people with heart disease Best exercises for people with heart disease
If you are suffering from heart disease, the more that you have to engage yourself in physical activities. Such can make your heart stronger... Best exercises for people with heart disease

If you are suffering from heart disease, the more that you have to engage yourself in physical activities. Such can make your heart stronger and can help with your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. However, it is with great importance that you know which activities are appropriate for your condition. Otherwise, you might face further complications.

Physical activities for people with heart disease

Reminder: You have to talk to your physician which exercises are best for you. The list below can be used as a guide but always ensure that you have a go signal from your doctor.

Aerobic activities

Aerobic activities are recommended for people with heart disease. But remember not to force yourself too much. You have to start slowly and do it four times a week. You can choose walking, swimming, biking, or light jogging. Don’t forget the following:

Don’t forget to stretch

When you are about to exercise, never underestimate the power of stretching. Five minutes of this should do you just fine. And also remember to cool down after working out.

Rest when needed 

Again, there is no need to force yourself to run for several minutes. If you think you are already having a hard time, take a rest or stop. The last thing you’d wish is to faint and to get hospitalized.

When do you need to stop? 

Here are the clear signals that you have to rest and stop exercising:

  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • chest pains
  • irregular heartbeat
  • shortness of breath

Wear appropriate clothes

During hot weather, make sure you are cautious about the clothes you wear. There is no need for a lot of layers. Just go for something comfortable. Or if it is too cold, we recommend that you do indoor exercises in the meantime.

Be with someone you trust 

Also, it would be good if you exercise with someone. It is risky running on your own with your condition. At least you can immediately get help if you are exercising with a friend or a family.

Stay hydrated

Of course, as in all cases, you have to stay hydrated. You drink even before you feel the need to. But be careful not to drink too much as well.

What are the things you need to ask from your doctor?

Wondering what to ask your doctor? Here is a quick list for you.

  • How many minutes should you exercise?
  • How many times a week can I do physical activities?
  • What are the best physical activities for my condition?
  • What are the medications I should take in case of an emergency?
  • Should I monitor my pulse while exercising?

But exercising isn’t about everything

Bear in mind that with your condition, it is necessary that you think about your diet and to stay away from stress. Speaking of stress, how can you reduce it?

How to reduce stress?


Listen to nice music or a relaxing podcast and clear your mind.


Just remember to pack your medications or be with someone if you are not comfortable travelling on your own.

Be with the right people

Surround yourself with people who are always looking at things positively.



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