Everything you need to know about sex addiction Everything you need to know about sex addiction
Sexual addiction is a serious condition wherein a person cannot control or manage their sexual behavior. With sex constantly in their heads, it affects... Everything you need to know about sex addiction

Sexual addiction is a serious condition wherein a person cannot control or manage their sexual behavior. With sex constantly in their heads, it affects their daily lives. Some of them are even having troubles with their work and personal relationships.

In some cases, people with a healthy sex life becomes obsess and will start looking for unusual sexual acts. These acts are commonly considered unacceptable. However, more research will need to be done to prove that sexual addiction is a real disorder.

What are the other terms for sexual addiction?

how do you treat sex addiction?

There are other terms for sexual addiction. Here are some  that you may have encountered already:

  • sexual dependency
  • hypersexuality
  • compulsive sexual behavior
  • nymphomania (female)
  • satyriasis (men)

Regardless of the term that you use, it is with high importance to address it as soon as you can. Remember that it can get worse without proper treatment. Think about substance addiction. The only difference is that the person is addicted to the deed or the activity. 

What are the symptoms of sexual addiction?

Have you ever thought about the manifestations of being sexually addicted? If you are not familiar with it, then this quick list might help you.

  • masturbating often (and sometimes anywhere possible)
  • always looking for pornography
  • up for unsafe sex
  • engaging in multiple sexual partners
  • engaging in one night stands
  • game for cybersex
  • voyeurism
  • exhibitionism

You should also take a look at the behavior and see if it is an indication of being sexually addicted.

  • cannot respect the sexual boundaries of your partner
  • have an obsession with attracting other people
  • often drops social activities for sexual activities
  • gets mad if you are not able to engage yourself in sexual activities

What could happen if you are sexually addicted?

As we’ve said, there are consequences if you are addicted to sex. Take a look at our list below:

  • legal implications (for exhibitionism)
  • financial challenges
  • broken relationships
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • unproductive at work or even at home

This is just a partial list and we’re pretty sure there are more. Bottom line is, addiction, specifically sexual addiction is never good.

How do you treat sexual addiction?

Like any other addiction, this can be a challenge to treat simply because the person will justify the need for sex. People suffering from this condition might deny that they are addicted to it.

To date, there are multiple ways on how you can help people with sexual addiction. Here are some of our recommendations:

Self-help organizations

There are self-help organizations that you can run to. People here are very open with their struggles and at the same time, they can share their own experiences on how they were able to surpass the urge.

Individual treatment programs

There are also facilities where you can stay on-site and get help from professionals. These therapists will give you a more strategic approach on how you can stop your addiction.


There are also medications prescribed to those people who are diagnosed with the condition. However, this has not been approved by the FDA. Remember not to self-medicate at all.

While sex is considered beautiful, one should know if he or she is going overboard.



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