Why do you have to eat on time? Why do you have to eat on time?
If you want to manage or to lose weight, it is not enough that you know the right food to eat. It is also... Why do you have to eat on time?

If you want to manage or to lose weight, it is not enough that you know the right food to eat. It is also essential that you understand the importance of eating at the right time. If you must know, your meal schedules can greatly affect your weight-loss journey. Learn more by reading the rest of this post.

Your breakfast

why you need to eat at the right time

You have probably heard this before but you should NEVER miss or skip your breakfast. It doesn’t matter if you are not used to it, the point is, YOU HAVE TO! If you don’t eat your breakfast, you will get hungrier in the latter part of the day. This can result in unwanted weight.

The best time to eat your breakfast is within an hour after you wake up. Studies show that having the right kind of breakfast eaten at the perfect time will also help you become more focused and alert.

Your lunch

Don’t get used to eating your lunch at a very late time. The latest would be 3:00 pm. In addition, we don’t recommend that you eat a small portion at lunchtime and eat a huge serving during dinner.  Come to think of it, how are you supposed to burn all the calories wherein most of us are inactive during night time? It does make sense, doesn’t it?

Your dinner

The ideal time to eat your dinner is at least three hours before you go to bed. If possible, please refrain from eating foods and drinking beverages that are high in calories.

Reasons why you have to eat on time

Are you still not going to change your bad eating habits? Well, we are going to share with you more reasons why you have to be conscious about your schedule.

It can boost your metabolism

When you eat at the right time and with the right amount, you are actually improving your metabolism. Our body works like this; when you don’t eat, it slows down your metabolism. This makes it harder to lose unwanted weight.

It fuels you up for the day

Did you know that having a good eating habit can also change your mood and energy levels? Try to think about this. When you are hungry or do not have enough energy from eating, you tend to skip the gym. That of course, can ruin your entire weight-loss journey.

It can prevent hunger pains

For those who are skipping meals thinking that they will lose weight, you got it all wrong. It can lead to overindulging on your next meal. Again, it’s better to have decent portions at regular times.


Are you really serious about losing weight? Then here are some additional tips we can give you.

Don’t watch the TV while eating


According to studies, there is a direct link between watching TV while eating and weight gain. The best solution is to turn off your TV, focus on your food, and enjoy the small talks with your family instead.

Practice preparing your food

The reason why most people gain weight is that we rely on fast foods or instant options. Why don’t you make it a habit to prepare your meals ahead of time? Let’s just say, pack a handful of almonds, or prepare a salad. That can make a lot of difference.





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