Are chewing gums healthy or not? Are chewing gums healthy or not?
Have you ever been curious about the effects of chewing gums? If yes, then this post might help you beef up your knowledge a... Are chewing gums healthy or not?

Have you ever been curious about the effects of chewing gums? If yes, then this post might help you beef up your knowledge a bit.

Did you know that people have been chewing gums for hundreds of years? Of course, it was different back then as they used gums made from sap trees.  To date, most gums are made out of synthetic rubbers.

Chewing gum ingredients

Here are the ingredients of a typical gum we have today:

  • Gum
  • Fillers
  • Resin
  • Softeners
  • Sweeteners
  • Flavors
  • Preservatives

Are all chewing gums healthy?

Generally, gums must be safe for human consumption. However, there are a number of brands where they include questionable or controversial ingredients to their products. Some of the common ones are found below:

Titanium Dioxide

In a few animal studies, it was claimed that this food additive can cause damages to organs.


This has been a controversial ingredient given that it can cause a number of health issues including obesity, headache, and cancer.

Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT)

According to animal studies, BHT can cause cancer if consumed in high amounts.

But please note that consumption of the above ingredients in low amounts are considered safe. 

What are the health benefits of chewing gums?

If you are a fan of gums, then here are more reasons for you to chew!

Chewing gum can reduce stress

Experts believe that chewing gum can help in reducing one’s stress. This can be linked to the act of chewing which can help in releasing hormones like cortisol. At least when you are stressed with your work or with your personal life, you have an instant stress reliever.

Chewing gum can boost memory

If you are somehow forgetful, then you might want to make it a habit to chew gum.  In a specific study, it was shown that those people who chew gum can actually have better scores after taking short-term and long-term memory tests.

Chewing gum can help you lose weight

Did you know that if you want to lose weight, chewing gum can also be beneficial? It is said that chewing gum can help you reduce your appetite. That means, you can prevent yourself from eating too much. But you have to be careful especially with the minty flavors. This might result to not eating healthy snacks like fruits because of the mixed- taste.

Chewing gum can prevent bad breath

If you want to have fresh breath but do not have the time to brush your teeth, then chewing gum is a good alternative. But of course, we are not suggesting that you ditch your brush for this.

Chewing gum can protect your teeth C

Choosing a sugar-free gum is actually helpful for your teeth as it can prevent cavities. In addition, you can have the ones that have sugar alcohol xylitol. This is said to be more effective if you want to prevent tooth decay.

Best healthy chewing gums

are chewing gums healthy for you

Here is a quick list of chewing gums which are beneficial to your health.

  • Train Gum
  • Simply Gum
  • Xylichew
  • Chicza Organic Rainforest Gum




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