7 Important Health Benefits of Quitting Cigarettes 7 Important Health Benefits of Quitting Cigarettes
Smoking is among the leading cause of early death which could be avoided if the right actions are put in place. To many, quitting... 7 Important Health Benefits of Quitting Cigarettes

Smoking is among the leading cause of early death which could be avoided if the right actions are put in place. To many, quitting smoking is a doubting task due to strong craving and fear of withdrawal effects.

The body has a healing mechanism that adjusts quicker after one stops smoking and a person may experience the effects even within an hour.

Smoking reduces the life expectancy of a person up to ten years and it is therefore vital for a person smoking to quit.

reasons why you need to stop smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking may vary from one person to another and it may take time to reap all the benefits. The following are some of the benefits of quitting smoking:

  1. Better lung function

The lung is one of the body organs that is badly affected by smoking and its working gradually improve once a person stops smoking. However, the improvement in lung functioning depends much on the damage caused before a person stopped smoking.
An immediate improvement is a person having less bronchial sensitivity enabling a person to carry daily tasks without getting winded.

Smoking suppresses cilia finger-like structures which helps the trachea to prevent pollution and toxins. Once a person stops smoking cilia start to grow reducing the risk of infections and other lung injuries.

  1. Lowering of heart rate and blood pressure

Tobacco contains nicotine which produces carbon monoxide chemical that is harmful to the body and increases the heart rate and raises the blood pressure.

The effects of carbon monoxide are felt immediately after a person inhales the tobacco nevertheless, the normalization of blood pressure and heart rate occurs within hours once a person stops smoking.

  1. Improved blood circulation

Nicotine causes the narrowing of blood veins which affects almost all the body organs as the supply of oxygen, nutrients and waste substances is affected.
A few months after a person quit smoking the blood circulation improves and the body organs receive the substances they need smoothly.
With better blood circulation quality of the skin improves and becomes more elastic with better moisture retention.
An important thing to note is that some of the skin damages may not be changed but the appearance of the skin will greatly improve.

  1. A better sense of smell and taste

Chemical in tobacco combined with heated air affects the taste buds and the nerve receptors in the nose. A person experiences an impaired sense of smell and it became difficult to differentiate different tastes.

Once a person stops smoking the sense of smell and tastes continuous improve and a person is able to experience more flavors.

  1. Improved immune system

Tobacco contains harmful substances like nicotine and tar that affect the immune systems resulting in a person easily contracting illness.

The count of white blood cells decreases which exposes the body to attacks of germs as the defense is weak.

When a person stops smoking the immune system becomes strong and the white cells increase. Since the blood can flow easily the white cells are carried to all parts of the body making the body strong.

  1. Reducing the risk of fatal diseases

Smoking leads to increased risk of diseases like heart attacks which is among the leading causes of death.

Smoking increases the risk of cancer as it leads to the damages of DNA and other infections such as erectile dysfunction and diabetes.

Smoking also leads to weak bone and muscles and lower estrogen levels in women. Quitting smoking is key in preventing diseases and infections and this may enhance a person’s health and normal functioning of the body.

  1. Proper working of the body senses

Smoking weakens the normal functioning of the brain as it affects the brain receptors. A person may have other effects like poor hearing and vision which affect the judgment of a person.

A person’s senses respond poorly and the cure lies to a person quitting smoking. Smoking leads to dirty mouth and quitting smoking is crucial to keep the mouth clean and healthy.

Quit Smoking Health Benefits

Quit Smoking Health Benefits

As discussed above quitting smoking has many benefits and a person should take a step to quit smoking. Sometimes the withdrawal effects are serious however these effects reduce with time. Breaking addiction may also be a challenge but the body adjust to the changes with time.
It may be vital to seek the help of a doctor in case the withdrawal symptoms persist.



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