Sauna tips for first time goers Sauna tips for first time goers
So, you’ve heard that going to a sauna has its own benefits and you wanted to try it out for yourself. Well, congratulations! It’s... Sauna tips for first time goers

So, you’ve heard that going to a sauna has its own benefits and you wanted to try it out for yourself. Well, congratulations! It’s about time that you experiment a bit to make your life healthier, not to mention enjoyable. But before you do, it is vital that you know the DOs and DONT’s when in a sauna. If not, you might be putting yourself in great danger.

Overview of sauna

how to use the sauna for the first time

It is a room which is heated between 70 to 158 Celcius. There are actually different types of saunas which we have enumerated below:

  • Wood burning
  • Infrared room
  • Steam room
  • Electrically heated

What are the health benefits you can get from the sauna?


Reduces one’s stress

Are you too busy at work? Can you feel the stress already? If yes, then maybe a session to go to a sauna is one of the best solutions. With your hectic schedule, we know that it is quite a challenge to go on a relaxing vacation and to leave your work for days. If that is really the case, then a quick trip to the sauna can help you with the stress too.

Essential for cardiovascular health

According to studies, visiting a sauna can actually lessen the risks of stroke and heart attack. In addition, it helps people who would like to lose weight. If you must know, keeping a healthy weight means a healthy heart too.

Manages body pain

Another health benefit of going to a sauna is that it can ease your body pains. The heat can dilate blood vessels and this promotes blood circulation. This is beneficial for bruises and minor wounds.

Risks for going to a sauna

While going to a sauna is generally safe, there are also risks which you need to take note of.


Once you are done using the sauna, it is a must that you rehydrate yourself. Prepare a bottle of water even before you go inside the room. You see, dehydration can be a life-threatening condition.

Blood pressure

Never jump into a cold shower after getting out of the sauna. Doing so can drastically increase your blood pressure. This can be extremely dangerous and must be avoided. It is important that you buy some time and take a rest.

How to properly use the sauna?

Alright, so you are still not sure how to use the room? Here are some quick tips to help you. But take note that there might be special instructions for a specific room, make sure to read those first.

Drink lots of water

By now you know how important it is to keep yourself hydrated. Make sure to drink water as a sauna can cause excessive sweating. And don’t drink alcohol before going in.

Avoid tight-fitting clothes

Most people just use a clean towel when using the sauna. And that’s of course, is for a good reason.

Don’t use a lotion before going in

This might cause your skin to clog so better skip your lotion for now.

Get out when you can’t take the heat

We have different heat tolerance and you should listen to your body. If you feel that the temperature is too hot, you can adjust it. Or if you are already feeling dizzy, get out of the room before it is too late!

The rule of thumb is, always ask your doctor if you are fit to go to a sauna. Those who are suffering from kidney disease are actually recommended to seek professional clearance first.



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