Nasal sprays, is that good for you? Nasal sprays, is that good for you?
To date, a lot of people resort to nasal sprays to ease out colds. But before you do, make sure you know how to... Nasal sprays, is that good for you?

To date, a lot of people resort to nasal sprays to ease out colds. But before you do, make sure you know how to properly use it. Not doing so might cause more danger. This article will equip you with the most essential information about nasal sprays.

What are the types of nasal sprays?

If you must know, there are three types of nasal sprays.

Steroid nasal sprays

These are usually prescribed to manage sinus infection and allergy symptoms.


These are readily available over the counter with a doctor’s prescription. What it does is that it narrows your blood vessels in the lining of your nose and shrinks the swollen tissues. It is advisable to NOT use it for more than three days as you are going to worsen your colds.

Salt-water solutions

Most people refer to this as ‘saline’ nasal sprays. You can get this even without a doctor’s prescription. Among the three, this is something you can use as often as you wish.  The best ones in the market are the following:

  • Simply Saline Instant Relief for Everyday Congestion Nasal Mist
  • Ayr Saline Nasal Mist
  • Xlear Nasal Spray for Sinus Relief

Properly using nasal sprays  

how to use nasal sprays

Below is a quick guide on how to use nasal sprays properly.

Step 1. Blow your nose in order to clear the passageways.

Step 2. Check the nasal spray’s label and see if you need to shake it or do necessary preparations.

Step 3. Use your finger to block one of your nostrils.

Step 4. Place the hole of the nasal spray directly under your open nostril.

Step 5. Squeeze and breathe in.

Step 6. Repeat the process to your other nostril.

If possible, try not to sneeze or blow your nose as soon as possible. And remember, do not overuse it unless prescribed by the doctor.

When are you not supposed to use nasal sprays?

  • Never use it on children as most over the counter nasal sprays are not recommended for them. It is better to consult with the pediatrician first.
  • If you are suffering from high blood pressure
  • If you have a current heart condition
  • If you are suffering from urinary health issues
  • If you have an enlarged prostate
  • If you have diabetes
  • If you are suffering from thyroid problems

Effects of nasal sprays

Here are some of the effects of using nasal sprays:

  • It can raise one’s blood pressure
  • It can make you dizzy
  • It can sometimes make you feel nervous
  • It makes sleeping a bit more challenging

Naturally managing your colds

Since we are talking about nasal sprays and how it can treat colds, we would also want to share with you some of the natural ways to manage it.

Never sniff back your mucus. It is important that you blow your nose but make sure you don’t force it because it might cause earache.

Rest. We understand that you have a lot of things to do. You have personal errands and of course, your work. But in order to combat colds, you need to improve your immune system. The best way to do it is to rest.

Gargle with salt dissolved in warm water. Gargling four times a day is effective in treating colds. Or if you want, you can use apple cider vinegar and honey.



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