Everything about soy, why do you need it? Everything about soy, why do you need it?
If you will notice, a number of health experts and enthusiasts are promoting soy to include in one’s diet. But what really are the... Everything about soy, why do you need it?

If you will notice, a number of health experts and enthusiasts are promoting soy to include in one’s diet. But what really are the benefits that we can get from it? Is it really that good for the body, or is it something you should omit from your diet? This short article will give you what you need to know about soy.

best recipes with soy

What is soy?

Soybeans, if you must know, is a type of legume which can be found in the wonderful continent of Asia. For centuries, this has been included in the traditional Asian diet and has a good amount of nutrients. Some people believe that it is healthy. Others strongly think otherwise.  So what’s the real deal?

What are the health benefits of soy?

Let’s talk about the pros first, ok? What are the positive things you can get from eating or drinking soy?

Soy can help with fertility

Some say that soy is advisable for women who are trying to get pregnant. In a specific study, women without experiencing their period for half a year took six grams of black soybean powder per day. The result was that they had higher rates of menstrual cycles compared to those who didn’t take soy.

In addition, this is also beneficial for people nearing their menopausal stage.

Soy is good for lowering cholesterol levels

A number of researches suggest that soy can help people who would like to lower their cholesterol level. But if you are going to consume supplements, it may not have the same effect compared to when you eat real soy foods.

What can be the negative effects of soy?

  • Breast cancer
  • Affects thyroid function
  • Affects male sex hormones

However, there is no strong evidence linking soy to the above health conditions.

Soy Allergies

But before you include soy products into your diet, make sure you don’t have allergies to it. You see, soy allergy is fairly common. If not taken seriously might cause death. Ask your physician to conduct tests just to be sure.

Types of soy products

Whole soy

They are known to be the least processed soy products. This includes soy tofu, milk, and edamame. In western culture, whole soy products are not really popular. But things are different in Asia as edamame is known as one of the best protein appetizers!

Fermented soy

These are products which are processed using traditional methods. Think about miso, tempeh, and soy sauce.

Soy-based processed products

Perhaps, you have seen these products in the supermarket as well. These are the vegetarian meat substitutes, cheese, and even yogurt.

Soy supplements

You can find these in the form of capsules and powder.

Recommended healthy soy recipes

As an added treat, we will give you a quick list of recipes using soy. These are actually our personal favorites.

  • Sweet Tofu with Baby Bok Choy
  • Bibimbap with Veggies and Tofu Bulgogi
  • Tofu Broccoli Bowl
  • Tofu Pad Thai
  • Tofu Chorizo Tacos

We know you love desserts and that is why we have compiled the most delicious ones for you.

  • Soy Milk Pie
  • Soy Milk Cookies
  • Soy Bean Pudding
  • Soy Crepe Purses with Raspberry and Ginger Compote
  • Cocoa Bundt Cake with Soy and Coconut Milk



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