Everything you need to know about hiccups Everything you need to know about hiccups
Hiccups can be sometimes annoying, most especially if you are in a meeting and will about to conduct a business presentation. Can you imagine... Everything you need to know about hiccups

Hiccups can be sometimes annoying, most especially if you are in a meeting and will about to conduct a business presentation. Can you imagine talking in front of the managers and executives while suddenly – hiccup! Not a good thought, isn’t it? But before you totally unlove it, here are some interesting facts to know.

What is the medical term of hiccup?

You got that right! There is a medical term for it and it is called singultus. This is the Latin term for ‘to catch one’s breath while crying’. Hiccups happen when your diaphragm contracts and closes your vocal cords. But of course, there is more to learn about this condition.

How do you cure your hiccups?

Get a teaspoon of vinegar 

Did you know that most remedies for hiccups can be found in your own kitchen? Use a small amount of vinegar and drop it on your tongue. The sourness of vinegar is responsible for curing your condition.

A spoonful of sugar 

According to research, eating sugar (recommended amount is one spoonful) can be effective in managing your hiccup. It is said that sugar can irritate one’s esophagus and that can essentially stimulate the vagus nerve.

How about some peanut butter? 

Who says that curing hiccups should be tasteless and boring? Some people believe that chewing peanut butter and licking it off from your teeth can disturb one’s breathing pattern, and that this can cure hiccups. Although for others, it seems that the yummy treat can make people calmer and helps to control your breathing.

You can also use honey and it should work the same as peanut butter.

Try out chewing some dill 

Do you have some dill seeds with you? If yes, then good. It’s also a known remedy for curing hiccups. Chew the dill seeds and swallow it. The process can also stimulate vagus nerve.

Is your hiccup a sign of serious health condition?

Hiccups are usually temporary and should not cause unbearable discomfort. If yours is out of the ordinary, it can signal more serious health issues.

Acid reflux disease

If you experience hiccups alongside heartburn, nausea, and bitter acid, these are signs of acid reflux disease. If not managed properly, it can really take a toll on your lifestyle. Better schedule an appointment with a professional to see what you can do to manage the condition.


Did you know that frequent hiccups can be your signal to take a rest? It can be a cause of too much stress. If that’s the case, take a quick vacation or learn how to meditate. Do something that can balance your life. Stress can lead to a number of diseases and you might want to reshape your lifestyle before something worse happens.


Don’t panic just yet. Hiccup as a sign of cancer is quite rare but not impossible. According to experts, hiccups which last for a month can be a sign of certain types of cancers including brain and stomach.


While perceived as a normal body reaction, hiccups should be taken seriously. As we’ve said, if you believe it is already out of the normal, seek professional advice from your physician before it is too late.



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