Adult acne, what we all need to know? Adult acne, what we all need to know?
When we were still teens, it’s almost always normal to have pimples here and there. You feel that it is just a phase (or... Adult acne, what we all need to know?

When we were still teens, it’s almost always normal to have pimples here and there. You feel that it is just a phase (or face), and that when you reach your 20s or 30s, your skin will magically clear up. Thing is, it doesn’t happen to all. There are millions of people who still experience adult acnes and we’ll give you the reasons why and how you can manage it.

Reasons for having adult acne

how to get rid of adult acne

It has got to be the hormones

Of course, we have the hormones as the culprit. When you’re about to get your period, acne will show up on different parts of your body. You can have some on your face, your neck, and even your back.

Dirty environment

Most of us need to endure pollution every single day. If you are traveling to work and taking public transportation, air pollution can be worse. The quick solution for that is to clean your face as soon as you get home. But be careful when cleaning your face. Overdoing it might also cause acne. Try to limit it to twice a day. More than that can affect how your skin produces oil and of course, will result to undesirable bumps.

Check out your beauty regimen

So you have the most expensive beauty and skincare products available. However, you still have a lot of acne. The problem is you might be using the wrong products. You see, it is crucial to learn first the type of skin you have. Are you oily? Are you dry? Are you combination? From there, choose products that are specifically made for your skin type.

Are you stressed?

Whatever the reason for you to be stressed out – do something about it! Stress can cause hormonal changes and as a result, you would be breaking out.  It is a must that you learn how to have a balanced life. It’s important that you know how to meditate and take things slowly. If necessary, plan for a nice quick vacation. Just treat yourself because you deserve it. You’d see the difference in your skin when you do that.

Try not to eat a lot of sweets

We know that it can be hard to resist delicious cakes and candies, but doing so can help your skin to clear up. Of course, we are not saying to totally eliminate these yummy treats from your life. But if you can limit your sugar intake, it will manifest on the condition of your skin.


Never pop your acne

We bet you wanted to pop that acne right away. We understand that it is tempting but please don’t do that. It might cause further irritate your skin and it will be harder to cure. And of course, doing it on your own might leave scars.

Seek professional help

Now, if your condition worsens and it is already disrupting you to live normally, then going to a doctor is always one of the best solutions. At least you will have a professional to look after your skin. Plus, your products are proven and tested. Ask for referrals and check online for client reviews.



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