The Benefits of Essential Oils The Benefits of Essential Oils
Essential oils have become very popular in the last decade. Many of the essential oils that we have come to love from lavender to... The Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils have become very popular in the last decade. Many of the essential oils that we have come to love from lavender to tea tree not only smell great, but are said to have many healing qualities.

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy practices around the world as an alternative therapy and can be either inhaled or applied to the skin topically.

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What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are really concentrated plant extracts that retain the plant’s scent and flavour.
The unique smell of each oil give it what is known as the essence.

• Essential oils are usually obtained by distilling the plant with steam or water. Once extracted, the oils are then combined with another type of oil to create the final product.

• How the oils are made is very important because if they are created through a chemical process, they aren’t really true essential oils.

• Essential oils are said to have positive healing effects when absorbed.

The Most Popular Essential Oils

Lavender Essential Oil

There are as many as 100 different essential oils and each is known to help aid different health issues.

For example, some of the most popular oils include the following health claims:

• Bergamot – Reduces stress and helps with skin conditions (such as eczema)
• Chamomile – Improves mood and helps you to relax
• Jasmine – Calming effect, libido, depression
• Lavender – Known as a stress reliever
• Peppermint – For energy boost and to help with digestion
• Rose – Reduce anxiety
• Sandalwood – Calm nerves and help with focusing
• Tea Tree – Boost immunity/fight infections
• Ylang-Ylang – For headaches, skin conditions and nausea

Health Benefits Of Essential Oils

diffuser essential oil

– The health benefits of either inhaling or using essential oils as a topical application are numerous.
– When applied directly on the skin, some essential oils can help with inflammation and arthritis.
– Tea tree oil has been known to be an effective antibacterial for scrapes or small cuts as well as an oil to fight off fungus.
– Some essential oils such as lavender has proven to help with sleep and insomnia issues.
– Peppermint oil has been shown to reduce migraines and can be applied directly to the skin or even forehead for healing qualities.
– When inhaled, essential oils have been proven to activate the different parts of the brain that help with emotions, mood level, cognition, and behaviour.
– In cancer patients, aromatherapy is used to help them feel better after the different therapies and for overall care for general well-being.
– Essential oils are also said to be a natural protection against airborne bacteria which can be used on airplanes or even just for washing your hands.

Look For the Most Pure Essential Oils

While essential oils might not heal all conditions, they are an alternative method of treatment that can be tried to see how they work for you.

When buying essential oils, you should always make sure they are the following:
• Organic
• Not changed or altered in any way
• Have a list of precautions (for pregnant women, interaction with medications)
• Sourced from the native region for each plant


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